How To Help Your Teenage Daughter With Make Up

mom2 Every mother would want her daughter to become a beautiful woman full of grace. However, in your effort to do this, don’t criticize you daughter as that may harm her confidence level. Remember that inner beauty is the most important factor and a confident woman with an admirable personality will attract eyeballs everywhere. So, help your daughter to have a high level of self esteem and confidence.

Feature Flaws

Keep in mind that you can’t change the features of your daughter. So, don’t criticize her for that dark skin or long nose. Rather, make her believe that the distinct ‘flaws’ of a woman add a special touch to her beauty and can even work to her advantage.

Make-up trends

Explain to your daughter that make-up enhances the best features while camouflaging the flaws and imperfections. So, rather that following the beauty trends blindly, your daughter should choose such make up that will make her look prettier.


Make sure that your daughter’s skin has a healthy glow and is blemish-free. Make her believe that to look beautiful, it is not necessary tom have a fair skin tone.


Make daily exercise an integral part of your daughter’s routine. This will not only augment her metabolism but will also keep her fit for years to come and give a boost to her confidence level.


Make your daughter believe that rather than having completely balanced features, it is more significant to have good grooming. If your daughter wears dresses that suit her well, has a clear skin and hair that has a healthy glow, walks and speaks well, other people will find her attractive. So, stop criticizing her for having small eyes, short nose or a dark skin. Rather, continue to tell her how beautiful she is until she believes that herself.