How To Heal Body With The Help Of Reiki

reiki Reiki has originated from Japanese tradition and it is a kind of touch therapy. By touch therapy, the Reiki masters help the suffering patients to get de-stressed and optimum relaxation of body as well as of mind, thus promoting faster recovery from different life style ailments like joint pain, migraines, asthma etc.

In this touch therapy, it is believed that “life force energy” is the root of our happiness. In case we have low life force of energy, we suffer from diseases. So, the Reiki master use this healing process to elevate the low level of life force energy, thereby helping to recover from diseases.

Reiki is a natural healing process that passes like a glowing radiance around the healer and the patient and elevates the mind of the patient taking care of his emotions, spirit, and physical pain. It also promotes the feeling of security, confidence, well-being as well as the sensation of tranquil peace, which in turns promotes a miraculous recovery from painful chronic diseases.

If we wonder about the miraculous powers of Reiki, it is not a magic as many people believe it to be. Rather, it is pure science. We have seven charka (point of energy) in our body. In Reiki, the masters utilize these charka in their hands to transfer energy to other person’s chakra and help increase the low level of life force energy into a higher level, thus promoting healing.

Reiki is a century old natural healing technique and there is no strict criterion to receive the treatment. You need to come in touch of a Reiki master, and you should have faith on him/her to receive the life force energy to promote your own well- being.

It is the harmony between the healer and the patient that transmits the energy from the healer to the patient. Thus, with proper communion with the healer, the patient recovers from his pain and worries.