How To Have Great Sex

Sex is indeed a very crucial aspect of a successful marriage. Your happiness and satisfaction with your marriage depends upto a great extent on the quality of your sex life.

Hence, it is very important that you understand your own and your partner’s sexual needs. We often hear that communication is the key to a successful relationship and it is indeed not a baseless precept. If you are not comfortable with your partner, chances are that you would not be very fulfilled with your sexual life and with your marital life in general.

It is important to first develop a good level of understanding and comfort. Only when your feelings for each other would grow that it would be possible for your sex life to improve.

Creating the right kind of ambience is also very important for having great sex. Make sure you keep your bedroom clean and clear of clutter. Spray some wonderful room freshener or better still burn an organic incense stick.

It is also crucial to be well groomed and well dressed. Don’t be sloppy with your appearance only because you are not going outside. Remember you share the most important relationship in the world with your partner and pleasing him is certainly an important thing in your life. So go out and buy some nice satiny lingerie.

Don’t have a heavy dinner before sex. Cook a sumptuous meal and have dinner in candlelight but keep it light. You can also have chocolates, red wine or strawberries with dinner which are proven aphrodisiacs.

Expressing your feelings for each other is also very important for great sex. Without emotions sex can be a blatant and animal-like affair where atleast a woman can’t find much pleasure. Tell him in different ways how much you love him and encourage him to do the same.

Besides, appreciating each other’s bodies is also very important. Give him subtle hints that you would like to hear what he thinks about your physical appearance. Also give him compliments and express love to him by touching and kissing his body parts.

The last most important factor for having great sex is telling your partner clearly what you enjoy in the sexual act and what you don’t. Most women hesitate from it. But trust me he would appreciate it as men can’t always guess what women want. Also, ask him questions as to what he would like you to do.

  • rani

    my husband always says me to suck his ass, which i dont like, so is there any other thing which i can impress him by doing sex with him. and he is very eager to do the back shots with me, as well as the kamasutra poses with me, which i dont like , so , i suggest you to send me the perfect steps of doing sex