How To Have Controlled And Manageable Hair

heena-hair-color Hair is a very important aspect of a woman’s beauty which should be attended to with care. Although the buzzword of all fashion conscious women is straight hair, it is actually difficult to straighten your hair and keep up with the volume too.

Usually straight hair used to look good on young girls in late school and college days when they would still be called girls. The transition of a girl to a woman looked forward to more bounce and sweep to the usual hair do.

But how could that happen easily and without actual hair damage. A large amount of hair straighteners and creams had been tested but of no avail. The latest form of treatment is the keratin treatment which we should discuss in detail.

The chemical straighteners were harsh and that caused the scalp to get burns and the hair to break. With the Keratin treatment, the natural wave of the hair would evolve and the hair would be perfect in some time. Even the driest and the frizziest hair would have the softness and the bounce you have so long wanted. Keratin treatment does work for many women.

Straight hair should look thick and full and the hair should not be treated harshly. A blow dryer and a soft brush can be used. A proper hair cut is essential for long as well as short hair. The blow drier should be used with care. A large brush or a paddle brush can be used for brushing the hair down for adding the required fullness to the hair.

Some products are very essential for maintaining and controlling the hair. You can use the thickening creams, the mousses, the gels, the sprays and even pomades to keep the hair in place and toned down.

Always flat hair does not work. So you can work up some magic with gels and other things. It is for you to discover. Work up the magic in you and get out and see the expression on your friends. You would be glad you did it. Spare a little of your rime, imagination and creativity to work that out.

A proper hair cut is essential for long as well as short healthy hair.