How To Have an At-Home Spa Day

I believe that every health conscious person has a very good idea of what is good or bad for his health. He also knows the importance of spas where you can get ultimate relaxation from the hazardous work on  everyday basis. But it is also very true that it is not easy for everyone to afford the expenses of a spa though they know the value of the spas to enjoy very pleasant body conditions.

Then what do you think the remedy is that should make everyone afford the expenses of a spa? The possible answer is a self-owned spa. A private spa- owned by the user himself–that’s what the correct remedy for the problem is. It is not impossible also for most of the people to bear the one-time cost of establishing a spa and then using it to get the full advantage of its services. The most important thing is that you can get those services without any appointment or any waiting list for your turn.

Advantages of a Personal Spa:

You can start a fresh day with a bath in the scented lavender water. It makes your brain fresh and full of vigor.

While taking a relaxing bath in the spa, you can provide a rest to your eyes using caffeinated tea bags.

You get plenty of time in the spa to use a perfect facial for your face. A facial scrub provides new life to your skin by revitalizing the dead cells It also the texture of your skin.

If you have a dry skin, you can use Slather or Noxzema to improve the quality of your skin in just 25 minutes.

Now, try the best treatment for your skin. If you apply ¼ teaspoon full retinoid, you can get a nourished skin in less than a month’s time. It improves the color of your skin and maintains uneven color of your skin.

Use dihydroxyacetone (DHA) regularly in regular manner but before you start, take an advice from your dermatologist and then go for it.

Most of the spas provide world class services for beauty measures. Manicure and pedicure are the best ski treatment these days you can go for. Olive oil can be a very good option for you here.

You can apply old petroleum skin jelly for keeping the skin wet and well moisturized.

Put on cotton clothes or hand gloves to make your skin feel good. A personal spa would be the dream of anyone looking to have great skin.