How To Have A Safe Pregnancy After 40

How To Have A Safe Pregnancy After 40

How To Have A Safe Pregnancy After 40 Pregnancy is one of the best gifts a woman can cherish throughout her life. Becoming a mother fulfills a woman’s most cherished dream of life and also completes her family. Given the joys of pregnancy and parenthood there also comes accompanied a number of responsibilities, hardships and adjustments.

Most couples are ready to take up such responsibilities and also go through the hardships and adjustments as becoming parents is of more importance to them. However, some couples or individuals may feel reluctant to accept such changes in their lifestyles for which they may not consider becoming parents for a number of years.

Most women nowadays are equally or more competent than their male counterparts as they are holding very high reverential positions in their careers. Thus, such women are unable to consider pregnancy earlier in their life as they need to concentrate on their careers.

It is not before a woman is well settled in her career and is comfortable financially she considers a pregnancy. Pregnancy is considered best during the age range of mid twenties to early thirties but lifestyle changes, shifting of priorities and so on are giving rise to pregnancies much later in life.

Possible Complications of Having a Pregnancy After 40

When a female baby is born she already has the eggs which will be ovulated once every month when she reaches puberty. She doesn’t produce extra eggs other than those with which she is born. Therefore, she remains most fertile as long as she has good supply of her eggs which is till her early thirties or may be mid thirties.

But after this age gradually the eggs get reduced in number and may even contact chromosomal defects. When you consider pregnancy after 40 then in most probability you will require donor eggs. Having a pregnancy with donor eggs often leads to multiple pregnancies like twins and triplets.

Conceiving after 40 may become tough and with age other associated health problems may interfere with your pregnancy. Health factors like endometriosis, presence of fibroids and blocked fallopian tubes are other impediments to conceive after 40.

Miscarriage rate is also high due to probable chromosomal defects. Even if the pregnancy succeeds yet there remains a high chance of delivering babies with chromosomal defects like Down’s syndrome. Risks of gestational diabetes, hypertension, placenta pervia, still births are some of the other possible complications of pregnancies after 40.

Have A Safe Pregnancy After 40

Many women are enjoying pregnancy after the age of 40 even in the wake of possible complications. These complications can be averted to a great extent if you are aware of the ways to have a safe pregnancy. Consult your gynecologist and accordingly do all the medical examinations which will determine your health condition and possible risk factors.

Change your lifestyle to healthy one much before you try to conceive. Consume multivitamins and folic acid supplements which assist in conceiving and also to avert certain defects. Perform regular exercises before you conceive to maintain a proper weight and once you conceive follow proper pregnancy diet to maintain a proper weight gain.

Take proper rest and sleep and follow stress management practices to keep stress at bay. Say a total no to bad habits like smoking and alcohol consumption. If you are having difficulties in conceiving you can consider artificial methods. Proper prenatal care and planning is of utmost importance when pregnancy is considered after the age of 40.