How To Have A Happy Marriage When You Are Busy Parenting

How To Have A Happy Marriage When You Are Busy Parenting

How To Have A Happy Marriage When You Are Busy Parenting A married couple becomes whole and complete with the coming of a baby in the family. The baby becomes the binding link which prevents a marriage from falling apart in difficult times and strengthens the bond of love between the husband and the wife.

The baby becomes the reason why couples decide to give another try to their relationship, even when the marriage has encountered a dead end. In short, the baby fosters a new bond between the spouses and acts as a catalyst for the growth of love and understanding in a married life.

With the arrival of a baby in the family, there is an increase in the responsibilities of the married couple. Baby demands attention and care and it is impossible for one spouse to provide for the needs of the baby without any support from the other spouse. The old concept which stressed on the idea that the woman in the house is solely responsible to look after the needs of the baby is fast disappearing.

In the present scenario, where both the couples are usually working and career-oriented, leaving the onus of caring for the baby on one spouse is wrong. Nowadays both the parents share and divide the responsibility of looking after the baby amongst themselves. Nonetheless, a woman, generally, gets the majority share of responsibilities of a baby and often finds herself juggling between the roles of being a mother and a wife.

A woman is forced to make choices and sometimes, compromise on certain aspects of her life. Many a times, the birth of a baby becomes a reason for discord amongst couples as the wife finds it difficult to justify her roles as a ‘mother and a ‘wife’ at the same time. This article suggests ways in which a woman can justify her responsibilities as a mother and simultaneously, play her role as a loving wife to her husband and have a happy marriage despite being a busy parent.

Sharing Responsibilities

If you and your spouse are planning to have a baby, clarify the roles and duties which you as a parent would handle with the coming of the baby. Share the responsibilities associated with the care of a baby equally between yourself and your husband. For instance, you can take up the task of bathing and feeding the baby and your husband can be accountable for taking care of the vaccination schedule of the baby.

Once you divide the work, it will become easier to carry out the tasks and no single person will feel burdened. This will allow you to fulfil y our role as parents and keep aside some time for your personal interests as well. When you will have time and space for yourself, you will not brood over the compromises that you have to make with the coming of the baby and you will enjoy parenthood more than ever.

A Change in Perspective

How To Have A Happy Marriage

Do you feel that the baby has taken away your time which you shared as a couple? Do you find yourself always engrossed in some task related to the baby and don’t get time for your personal pleasures? A small change in perspective can make you look at things in a more optimistic way. The arrival of a baby in the family will surely alter your life drastically. But instead of brooding on what you have lost, concentrate on what you have gained with the coming of the baby.

The husband might feel that he is being ignored or the wife might complaint that the kid has become the cynosure of the husband’s affection. But with a slight change in perspective you can turn around the way you look at such events. Whenever the wife is engrossed in task related to the baby, you can help her. Not only will you ease her load but you will also get a chance to spend time with her. You can create some wonderful memories in such moments of parenthood.

Keep Time for Yourself

Do not forget the fact that in order to be a successful parent you need to be a successful couple. Taking your married life for granted after coming of the baby will create rifts between you and your spouse. It is important to understand and empathize that your spouse is not able to give time to you as he/she is looking after the baby but at the same it is of utmost importance that you and your spouse keep some time for yourself as well.

Some couples stop spending time together after the birth of the baby which proves adverse for their married life. Take out time for your spouse, go for a dinner and leave the baby at her grandparent’s house. Make sure you still discuss your issues with your spouse. Make such efforts to keep the spark alive in your relationship and you will be able to lead a happy married life without compromising on your duties as a parent.

Remember the Dates

Once you are married and have a child, you will have a lot of dates to remember like the date of getting your child vaccinated against a certain disease, the date of your appointment with your doctor, and some dates corresponding to important events in your life like the date of your anniversary, the date when you first met your spouse, the date of your spouse’s birthday and so on.

It is important that you keep a track of all these events and remember these dates because the fact that you remembered the date when you first met your spouse, even when you are engrossed in your work, family duties, etc. will make your spouse feel special and loved. And this is how you convey your love and affection towards your spouse when you are unable to express it through words.

Having a happy marriage after pregnancy may seem impossible in the beginning but your small efforts combined with unlimited love and genuine concern will make all the difference. By following the above mentioned tips, you will be able to get through this time with as less hassles as possible and your love with your spouse will bloom in all conditions.