How To Have A Good Relationship With Your Adult Children

How To Have A Good Relationship With Your Adult Children

How To Have A Good Relationship With Your Adult Children The relationship between a parent and a child is an ever-growing and evolving relationship which acquires different dimensions as the child grows older. The beginning of this relationship is marked by unconditional love and affection for the child and during this time, the parent plays the role of a disciplinarian and a protector.

As the child grows older and enters adulthood, the current dynamics undergo a substantial change and the relationship takes on a new meaning. When a child reaches adulthood, the parents’ role changes and they become a confidant and a friend to the child. Some parents are able to cultivate joyous relationships with their adult children and share their problems and seek each other’s advice, plan shopping trips and adventure excursions, etc.

On the contrary, some parents bear the burden of failed and disappointing relationship with their adult children characterized by sourness over past incidents, clashing opinions on dating lifestyle or spending patterns and so on. When it comes to having a good and positive relationship with adult children, many parents find themselves in a fix and are unable to strike the right chords to induce harmony and understanding in order to build a healthy rapport with their child.

Since parents have been through similar circumstances, it is easy for them to relate to the child’s situation. However, family and social responsibilities can sometimes become a reason for discord between parents and adult children. This article details some ways in which parents can build positive relationships with their children.

Keep Open Channels of Communication

Effective communication is the key to the success of any relationship. When your child is young, he/she would like to share every single detail of his/her life with you. As he/she grows older, he/she might feel uncomfortable in sharing his/her problems and issues with you. With the passage of time, a communication gap develops between the parent and the child which becomes impossible to bridge. Ensure that you as a parent keep open channels of communication with your child so that he/she does not hesitate in sharing his/her problems with you at any point of time in his/her life.

Be Sensitive To Each Other’s Opinions

It is natural for your child to have opinions and perspectives about life which are incompatible with your version of life. Respect your child’s opinions and in case you feel that your child is choosing the wrong path, give him/her the respect to put forward his/her explanation. Pushing your ideas on your child’s life can ruin your rapport with your child and lead to resentment.

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Mend and Rebuild Relationships

So what if you have disagreements with your child? So what if things got tarnished between you and your child? It is never too late to make amends and re-claim what has been lost. Give another try to your relationship with your adult child and this time; ensure that you do not repeat the past mistakes.

Love and mutual understanding are key aspects of the relationship between a parent and an adult child. By working on these aspects, parents can curb the chances of turmoil with their child and can work towards cultivating a comfortable adult-to-adult friendship with their child.