How to Have A Clear Skin?

Managing the skin from the action dirt and pollution that sticks to you is sometimes unbearable. It seems as if cleansing, toning and scrubbing is just not enough. Well, do not lose hope. Other that being regular with your skin care treatments, there are a lot of factors that can lead to give you a dull skin so know about them and work towards it smartly.

Other than the skin exposure to dirt particles through out the day, cause of unclear skin could be hair, health, stress, teeth, unhealthy diet, activity level and exposure of skin to the sun. All these things directly or indirectly are cause of a dull complexion. So to get a glow on face, you have to minimize all the problems and try and find out a solution to remove the dead and dull skin that you already have.

Stress shows on the face ladies so go and get a good life. Try to join meditation class or yoga class so as to get some relaxation for your mind and soul. You would see a noticeable change in yourself after that. Yoga also maintains your figure so doing it would be beneficial for face as well as body. Drink vitamin shakes and drinks and have a vitamin rich diet. Have green veggies and loads of fruits so as to flush off the toxins out of the body. This would ultimately bring a glow to your skin.

Taking care of hair for skin might sound strange but if you keep your hair unclean or do not maintain them, it ultimately shows on your skin. You tend to look dull. All the hair chemicals that you use reach the facial skin also which brings in a lot of damage so mane care is important. You may also join up aerobic exercises as it improvises the blood circulation and improves the level of oxygen in body. More oxygen means more glow!

Teeth cleaning and a good diet is another factor. Try to have clean teeth and a good nutritious diet to have healthy skin. Always apple loads of sun screen lotion whenever you step out of the house to keep skin tan at bay.