How To Handle Your Teen Getting Raped

How To Handle Your Teen Getting Raped One of the most devastating things one may have to face in their life is to know that their little girl has been raped. You must be going through turmoil of emotions and might not be sure about what to do next. But you will have to control your emotions and stand strong to fight for justice.

Rape is an inhuman act and so you should make sure that you never let the culprit get away with it. Along with that you also have to make efforts to help your teenage daughter get over her trauma. Teenage is the time to have fun and your daughter certainly did not deserve this at this young age. So you will have to make sure that you try to handle your teen after getting raped with a sane state of mind.

Prepare Yourself

To begin with, you will have to get over your sorrows and put up a brave front. You should gather all your courage and strength to fight a battle to attain justice. It sure is not an easy task but you will have to balance your emotions in order to attain the same. Before you feel that your world has shattered, do give a thought to the amount of trauma your daughter must be going through. Her pain and agony will be much more than you can ever imagine. So give your feelings a break and focus on your daughter’s issues.

Medical Examination

The next most important thing to do is to take your daughter for a medical examination. Report to the doctor about the incident and get all associated tests done on her. Such tests might involve collection of samples as evidence to confirm rape. Also ensure that you do not let your daughter have a bath, clean her genitals, etc. as that might result in loss of valuable evidence.

Doctor might also perform tests to detect chances of your daughter getting affected by any sexually transmitted diseases by semen. This medical examination is hence very essential for your daughter. So make certain that you convince your daughter for the same and tell her all about it. Also report the matter to the cops so that they can find the culprit.

Be Supportive

You will have to stand by your daughter during this difficult phase of her life and support her in ever possible way. You will have to assure your daughter that things will get back to normal soon. It is very important to stay calm and support your daughter during this difficult time as rape victims are likely to develop suicidal tendencies. Lack of love and support from your side can become the reason for depression in your daughter, which might make her do things that you might have to regret for a lifetime.

Do Not Blame

  help your teen after a rape

This is the time when your daughter is expecting all your love and support. She might be devastated and might also be feeling low of self-esteem. So ensure that you do not play the blame game at this stage. Most parents get impatient and angry in such situations and start blaming their daughter for her destiny. This is not the right time to do so as that might make her feel all the more shattered. Anyways, blaming her will not change anything. So stop blaming your daughter.

Do Not Confine Her

Most parents tend to confine their daughters after such instances. But this can have a negative impact on their minds and hearts. Confining her from the outside world will leave her no choice but to think about the traumatic experience she has been through in the past. You must be doing this to protect her from the outside world. But that is not going to help her in any way. You will have to let her move on with her life like before so that she can get over her trauma.

Normalize Things

You will have to bring back things to normal in every possible way. You will have get back to your usual routine and help your daughter do the same. Try not to talk or discuss anything about the rape in front of your daughter. Do your daily chores and over a period of time your daughter will forget this ever happened.


It is best avoid discussing the subject as much as possible. However, if your daughter wish to express her feelings about the same, then do let her talk. You should be there to listen to your daughter under such circumstances. Sharing her feelings can make her feel lot better. You will have to play your part by listening and consoling your daughter. Your daughter should be aware of the fact that her parents will be there for her no matter what happens.

Inform School Authorities

It is best that you inform your school authorities and seek support from them as well. Ask permission if your daughter can take some days off from school till she gets better. Even after joining school, ensure that you keep in touch with the school authorities to keep an eye on her. They will also play their part in helping your daughter get over her trauma.

Seek Counselling

You cannot expect your daughter to behave the same way as she used to after this traumatic experience. It might take her a while to get back to normal. Give her all the time that she needs to get over the same. However, it is advised to seek counselling under certain circumstances. Counselling will help a great deal in helping your daughter get rid of her trauma and eliminate all negative feelings from her mind. Counselling will help her move on with her life.

It does not mean that your teen daughter’s life has come to a still after such an incident. Its sure has changed but even your daughter has the right to live her life like any other normal teenager. You as parents can play your part in helping your daughter get over her sorrows and pain and help her lead a better life.

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