How To Grow Your Hair Faster

Grow Your Hair Faster

Grow Your Hair Faster Having long beautiful and shiny tresses is no piece of cake. It requires lot of care and maintenance. Most of us dream of having hair like that of movie stars but are too lazy to care enough for our hair. The excuse most of us have is lack of time due to work, studies, household chores etc.

But if you are too busy to care for yourselves then stop dreaming about having great hair as well. You will have to accept the fact that in order to get beautiful, long and healthy hair, you will have to find time to care for your hair. It is certainly a tough task to care for your hair but it is not impossible.

All you have to do is dedicate sometime of your day for your hair and get some basics right. Little care and concern towards your hair will surely make a lot of difference. You do not have any other choice except to care for your hair in order to make it grow faster. Many people suffer from hair loss and thinning problems at very young age these days. Most people do not start caring for their hair till they start to lose out on all their hair. So it is best to start caring for your hair from the beginning to prevent hair loss and to make hair grow faster. Here are a few tips that you must follow in order to grow your hair faster.

Keep Your Scalp And Hair Clean

The basic and most essential step in order to make your hair grow faster is to keep your scalp and hair neat and clean. The various external factors like dust, pollution etc. can have a very negative impact on your hair. Because of these factors the scalp tends to get coated with impurities which in turn clogs the hair follicles. This slows hair growth and also leads to hair fall problems. So it is very important to shampoo and condition your hair at least 2-3 times a week to get rid of all impurities from your scalp and hair. A clean scalp is also very essential to keep dandruff and problems like lice at bay. Such factors also play their part in hair loss and also lower the rate at which hair grows. So make sure that you wash your hair frequently to keep your scalp and hair clean and clear.

Be Gentle On Your Hair

Make sure that you brush and comb your hair gently. Use a soft hair brush made of natural fibers or a wide toothed comb to brush your hair. Start from untangling your hair using your fingers and then start brushing or combing your hair. Always start from the bottom layers of hair and then proceed to the top. This prevents hair breakage and split ends. Make sure that you never comb or brush wet hair. Never wipe your hair vigorously using a towel after having a bath as that can lead to lot of tangles and loss of hair. This could also result in loss of moisture from hair and result in frizzes. Just squeeze the water off your hair and then wrap a towel over your head gently like a turban. Let your hair dry naturally and try avoid using hair dryers for the same.

Use The Right Hair Care Products

Grow Your Hair Faster It is always best to stick to products that suit your hair. Before buying hair care products make sure that you check the ingredients of the product. If the product contains alcohol and other harsh chemicals then do not buy it. Sticking to mild herbal products is the best for hair. A mild herbal shampoo and a rich nourishing conditioner is ideal for all types of hair. People with dry hair can pick a good quality serum or leave in conditioner also. Also refrain from excessive coloring, bleaching and other heat treatments as these can damage your hair beyond repair.

Head Massages

Proper circulation of blood is very important to make hair grow faster. So find time to give yourself a good head massage using olive oil, coconut etc. at least once a week. Apart from growing hair faster, it also induces shine and moisture to hair and will make your hair look healthy. After massaging your hair with any oil of your choice, you can try taking steam on your head. This will help better absorption of oil and hence will nourish your hair better.

Healthy Diet

Apart from caring for your hair externally, you will have to make sure that you care for your hair from within also. A healthy well balanced diet plays a very vital role in making your hair grow faster. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables to your diet. Green leafy vegetables are a must in your diet for great hair. Adequate amounts of dairy products and lean meats should also be included to your diet. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, tuna, herring, mackerel, etc. are also very essential for fast and steady growth of hair. Most people try various crash diets and fad diets to lose weight fast. But this can have adverse effects on hair. So if you wish to grow your hair faster then start eating healthy. This will help you grow hair fast and also keep you in shape.

Stay Free Of Stress

One of the most common reasons associated with hair fall and slow growth of hair is stress and tensions. Today’s fast paced life has become the reason for stress for majority of population. It is very important to deal with stress by practicing mediation techniques and breathing exercises. You can also find certain yoga poses which can help you beat stress from a specialist or from the internet. These activities will certainly help you get rid of stress and hair fall. Once you are free of stress your hair will certainly grow faster. Following these simple measures will not take much of your time and will definitely help you grow hair faster. So make sure that you follow these steps without fail.