How To Grow Long & Healthy Nails

Healthy Nails

 Healthy Nails Nails reveal the person in you. You must keep them in shape as part of your looking good. If you have chipped or broken nails which are yellowish, your overall personality will get a beating.

If your nails look uncared for, whatever you have done with the nails simply falls flat. You may be wearing a really awesome outfit but it will be useless if your nails look really gross. You should try to get regular manicure, and pamper your nails now and then. Nails get cracked through your smoking and boozing habits, unhealthy eating and sometimes household work also makes them cry out for attention. Here are a few tips for you to take care of the nails:

Clean the Nails

If your nails are sooty, colors or massage cannot help.  Before doing up your nails, get a brush, use some soap on it and carefully chafe on the nails. Rinse the nails with water and pat them dry.


After cleaning, indulge the nails – using the hand moisturizers. Massage your hands, moving to fingers from your palm and then on to nails, and back again to palm. This will help improve blood circulation, hydrate the skin and your nails can become glossy.

Though longer nails might be hot things to sport, but when you clip them to moderate length, they will be healthy. You can use a cream or lip balm over cuticles.  If your nails are very brittle, treat them by soaking them in Olive Oil for ten minutes daily for a month. This can help cast away damaged peeling nails.

Use gloves

Nails tend to fry and peel if you expose them to harsh water. Use gloves while working in the kitchen or while gardening.

Nail art

Nail art is indeed great fun. Pick the shade you want, and paint the nails as you deem fit. If enamels are over used, your nails can get discolored. The trend is to go for nude shades.  Water helps to keep out toxins and help the skin glow, apart from boosting the health of your nails. If your diet contains some biotin-rich foods, such as Avocado or eggs, it will be great for nails.

Keep off Nail polish removers

Nail polish removers have Acetone, keep off from them. Acetone can damage the nails. Don’t use your nails for such other chores. You’ll be doing injustice to your nails by doing these.

File your nails

File your nails the proper way by doing it in a single direction. Do not file your nails back and forth. Avoid filing your nails after taking a bath when your nails are still very soft from being soaked in water.


Your diet should include milk and eggs as well as other foods rich in zinc for healthier nails. Zinc can improve the health of your nails. If your nails have white spots then it is a sign of zinc deficiency.


Hydrate your nails by massaging petroleum jelly onto the nails, cuticles and the tips of the fingers. Do this every night before bedtime or whenever you have dry nails. Castor oil can also be used to hydrate the nails instead of petroleum jelly. Castor oil contains vitamin E which helps keep nails healthy.

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