How To Go Lighter With Home Hair Color

How To Go Lighter With Home Hair Color

How To Go Lighter With Home Hair Color Lightening hairs at home is really a tricky act. Care has to be taken that hairs are not turned orange white lightening, otherwise, looks can be destroyed completely. In many cases, when a person lightens hair at home, due to bad results, beauty salon has to be visited for reversing the results.

Many people think that one of safest ways of lightening hairs at home is to use natural substances. For example, lemon juice is very effective in lightening hairs at home. Similarly, spray-in lighteners can also be used, which are activated by sunlight.

However, results obtained through these substances are not up to mark in some cases. If a person wishes to lighter hairs considerably, it is better that hair color or dye is purchased from beauty supply store.

How To Go Lighter With Home Hair Color

For going lighter with home hair color, it is very necessary that a person determines the natural level of hairs. This can be found by using a hair scale that reads from 1 to 10. Level 10 is meant for white blond while level 1 is meant for black hairs. Very often, box of hair dye or color indicates the level of color using same scale.

While using a hair color, a person should try to lift hairs up to two levels only. For example, if a person has hair level of 6, he must not try to apply hair colors higher than level 8. Thus, if a person has completely black hairs and if he wishes to get white blond hairs, he must visit a beauty salon, as achieving same is not possible at home. While selecting color for lighting hairs, only permanent hair colors should be chosen, as temporary hair colors may not offer desired results.

Similarly, semi-permanent hair colors should be avoided. Before applying permanent hair color, instructions given on the pack of color should be read thoroughly. Though color and developer are generally mixed in equal quantities, in some cases, mixing instructions may be different. Duration for which hair color should be left on hairs must be read. In case of any doubts, toll free number of brand may be dialed.

Conducting a patch and strand test is very necessary if hair color is being applied for the first time or if brand of hair color has been changed. This is done for preventing allergic reactions. Patch test is usually conducted behind the ear. If no skin reaction occurs, it means color is safe on skin. Patch test is followed by strand test. Hair color is applied on small section of hairs at nape of neck.

After following coloring instructions, if no side effects are observed, hair color can be used on hairs. If a person is not satisfied with the results, he may adjust the time period for which color is left on hairs. For example, if hair color is used for lightening hairs and if results are lighter than expected, hair color may be left for five or ten minutes lesser than stipulated period. In no case, hair color should be left on hairs for time periods longer than stipulated period.