How To Give Yourself An Oil Massage

An oil massage can be extremely refreshing after a hard day’s work. It can help you relax and can take away all the tension and fatigue from your mind and body. But it is not practically possible to rush to a spa every other day to get an oil massage.

Not only would it cut a big hole in your pocket but you may not have sufficient or suitable time to visit a spa. So how about giving an oil massage to yourself? Giving an oil massage to yourself means giving the same relaxing treat to your body and mind sans the cost and time hitches. So, learn to give yourself an oil massage and absorb the goodness of it in you.

What You Need For An Oil Massage

All that you need is oil, hot water, a robe and a mat or towel to save your floor or carpet and of course – time. To intensify the effect or get better results you can add in some scented candles, wine and soft music.

Choosing the right oil is the most important thing while giving an oil massage to yourself. You can go for the regular oils and choose one out of almond oil, coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, etc. But for better effect get oil that is meant for body massage which you can easily avail from any body shop. The color, quality and fragrance of the oil must appeal to you. There are special aromatic oils available which you can make use of.

Preparing For the Oil Massage

First of all choose a time that suits you the best for the massage. You must be able to relax fully during this time. A time when there will be no disturbance, distraction or interruption is the best time for the purpose. Choose a corner of your home that helps you to feel most comfortable and relaxed. Burn the scented candles, play the music and get your wine ready.

Put the towel or mat below where you stand or sit to give yourself the oil massage. Place the bottle of oil directly on the hot water container so that the bottle almost sinks. However, be cautious of not using too hot water that burns your skin.

How To Give The Massage To Yourself

Take a good amount of oil in your palm, rub the palms of your hand together and start with one hand or leg at first. Rub the oil slowly on your hand/leg clockwise. Do not rub harshly or use much force. Slowly repeat this process on all parts of your body one by one.

When you are done with the massage, put a robe on and relax for sometime while your skin soaks in the oil. The feeling of the oil is also something that you must savor. When you have given sufficient time to your body to absorb the oil and your mind to get relaxed, take a shower. While washing off the oil use a soap that’s mild in nature so that it does not wash off all the oil and leave your skin dry. Leaving a little oil on your skin would make your skin feel silky and soft and would make you feel good even after the massage is over.