How To Give Sensual Foot Massage

How To Give Sensual Foot Massage Foot massage is given for relaxing the feet. Though it is a therapeutic act, this massage can be romantic too. In other words, foot massage can be given for relaxing the body as well as for making the partner sensuous. It is to be understood that feet are considered as potential erogenous parts of body.

Feet also contain four spots for sexual stimulation and these spots are connected to genitals. If these spots are gently massaged, they arouse the feelings and make massage very sensuous. No formal training is required for giving sensual foot massage and it can be learned by following simple steps.

This massage can be given to male or female partner for having an intimate experience. In fact, many couples enjoy foot massage as foreplay before resorting to sex. Many women find this massage as quite erotic, which takes their sentiments to new heights.

How to Give Sensual Foot Massage

Before giving sensual foot massage, it is very necessary to gather all the requirements or supplies. These include warm essential oils, moisturizers, towel, and Epsom salt. Sensual foot massage is always given by making the partner comfortable. Thus, it is necessary that recipient of massage should sit in a comfortable chair.

The massage giver should sit on the mat or floor. For making it more sensuous, this massage can be given in a candlelit bubble bath. The location must be comfortable for both the partners so that they can really enjoy the massage and share their sentiments. It is quite possible that sentiments force them to come close and thus, place chosen should be completely private.

Before giving the massage, feet of partner are dipped in a mixture containing water and Epsom salt. Some quantities of Epsom salt can be added to half bucket of water for making this solution. Epsom salt has good cleansing and relaxing properties. After soaking the feet for five to ten minutes, these are taken out and dried with soft towel. After drying the feet, light but firm strokes are made with hands rubbed with essential oil.

There are many types of essential oils that are used in sensuous massage. For example, lavender oil, sandalwood oil and sweet almond oil are the most preferred oils for this type of massage. These oils have good fragrance and relaxing properties. Massage oils available in market can also be used. If needed, massage oil can be prepared at home by mixing 50 milliliters of sweet almond oil to ten drops of sandalwood oil.

Entire foot of the partner should be explored while making the strokes with oily hands. Sensuous foot massage is never provided in a hurry. Thus, each stroke should be made slowly and should be completed to the full. If needed, strokes can be repeated for many times for arousing the sentiments of partners. It is better if all the strokes are made by taking the foot of partner in hands.

Some people may like to get foot massage while lying. In such cases, a massage table or other similar surface can be used. Towel is spread on this table for offering perfect base. The feet of recipient must lie on the towel. Foot of partner is then held in hands and is squeezed gently. Essential oil is now applied to this foot and massaging moves are made from the toe to the heels.

Irrespective of the way of foot massage chosen, it is essential that insteps and soles are massaged thoroughly for making massage sensuous. Insteps and soles are massaged with palm and thumbs. Deep circular motions are generally made on the soles as well as insteps of recipient. However, pressure with which these are made should vary regularly. This makes massage more relaxing.

Sensual Foot Massage

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For massaging the toes of partner, fingers are generally used. Fingers are glided between the toes and these are then rocked back and forth. This step is one of most important steps of foot massage. As fingers are inserted between the toes, partner becomes highly romantic. In some cases, even it may become very difficult to control the emotions. Index finger and thumb are then moved up and down on each toe for relaxing them. For perfect massage of toe, it is essential that each toe has been oiled sufficiently, as this prevents fiction.

Some Important Aspects

If foot massage is being given in chair, feet of partner should be taken in both the hands. Hands are then run over the feet as well as on the soles. This should be done by applying gentle pressure. There must be at least five repetitions of this action. For making the moment more romantic, eye contact with the partner can be made. Both should stare at each other for few seconds.

Foot massage can also be given by making a fist and sliding bent fingers on the sole of partner’s foot. Actions generally start at toe and end at heels. This should be repeated for five to seven times. Best sensual foot massage always starts at toes and ends up at heels. While making gentle moves, ankles may also be covered for relaxing them too.

This should be done by originating action at the bottom of foot and ending same over the ankles. Ankles are normally massaged with thumbs. While offering the foot massage, abrupt turning of feet must be avoided. This may lead to sprains. Even feelings of partner may also hurt.  While massaging the soles of feet, thumb should be placed over the midpoint. It is then pressed gently and held for few seconds.

Sensual foot massage is generally ended by giving gentle and slow strokes. If there is any massage oil left, it should be taken on palm, rubbed and applied to the feet of partner. Circular motions are then made over the feet and soles. As soles are very ticklish, care should be taken that only firm strokes should be made. Scars and varicose veins should be avoided during the massage.

For making the atmosphere more romantic, massage can be given in a dim light. Even some people use candlelight for giving foot massage. Massage oil candles are also available in market that provides massage oil by melting. These candles also emit fragrance, which makes partners more romantic. It is better if cell phones or corded phones are disconnected for avoiding any type of disturbance. Some people also give foot massage to their partners by playing soft music.

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