How To Give An Arm Massage

How To Give An Arm Massage

How To Give An Arm Massage Massages are considered as effective in providing relief in many types of disorders and discomforts. On the basis of body part involved, many types of massages are done. One among them is arm massage.

Arm massage is very useful in getting relief from pain, stress and discomforts occurring in arm. This massage also results in improved blood circulation in arm. People suffering from arthritis often get arm massage for mitigating the associated discomfort. It is not necessary that for getting arm massage, therapist or other such professional is contacted.

This type of massage involves simple techniques and can be given comfortably at home. This massage gives a soothing and relaxing effect and can be used for dealing with strains and sprains that occur quite often in arms. Very often, people take pain killers or other drugs for reducing inflammation and getting instant relief. Instead of these, arm massage should be done. Unlike drugs, it does not have any side effects. Arm massage is also helpful in dealing with muscle knots to a good extent.

Arm Massage Techniques

Arm massage techniques are simple to follow and can be easily done at home. For doing arm massage, two things required are couple of chairs and massage oil. Sweet almond oil or some other natural oil can be used. First of all, person intending to get massage must be made comfortable.

All types of gadgets and ornaments like watches, bracelets, and neck chains should be removed. For providing the massage, therapist or some other person sits in front of volunteer, slightly to the right side. Before starting massage, it must be ensured that there are no open cuts or wounds, as these can be affected by massage oil or actions.

Person taking massage should be asked to take a deep breath and try to feel the areas in which gripping or tension exists. These areas have to be given more attention during the massage. Arm massage is started with taking oil in cupped hands. Hands are then rubbed for warming up the oil. Right arm of patient is then lifted and oil is applied to forearm and over hands.

This should be done with both the hands. Usually, oil is applied to fingers also so that blood circulation can be improved. Arms of person are then held close to elbow with palms facing up. Fingers of person providing massage must lie beneath the arms while thumb should lie on the top.

By squeezing the arms with the help of thumb and fingers, muscles are spread. Arms are also pulled slightly while doing these actions. Massage of arms should be continued in downward direction till wrist is reached. Once wrist is reached, actions from the elbow should be repeated. There should be at least three repetitions.

Arm Massage

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Next technique involved in arm massage is thumb striping. In this technique, hand of patient or volunteer is taken in right hand. Therapist or other person offering massage should place his left hand at wrist of volunteer. The thumb should lie straight. Thumb is then run in upward direction up to the elbow. Hand of volunteer is then rotated towards the outside of forearm. Thumb is then drawn back so as to complete an action.

Afterwards, right hand of volunteer is placed at the wrist with thumb straightened. A stripe is then run up through the back part of forearm. When elbow is reached, hand is rotated and thumb is drawn back. Hands are then swapped again for performing repetition. Though thumb striping is a difficult technique to do, it becomes smooth with practice. This technique is considered as very beneficial for tired arms. Both the actions should be repeated for about a minute.

Thumb circles are also one of effective arm massage techniques. This type of massage is done by supporting the arm of a person at the wrist region with both the hands. The palms must face up. Therapist then brings his both the little fingers over the top of hand so as to catch thumb and little finger. Hand is then spread and circles are made with the help of thumbs. It may take some time to practice this action.

This arm massaging action is considered as very effective for people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Thumb actions are carried out for a minute. Circles are then made over palms. Thumbs and fingers are primarily focused in this action. Without stopping the circling rhythm, little fingers are released and hand is rolled over palm area slowly. Circles are then made at the back of hand. Focus is still given on wrist and knuckles.

Finger massage is also commonly done in arm massaging. For doing this type of massage, hands of a person are first supported by left hand of therapist. Massaging is then provided at the base of thumb. It includes area between the thumb and index finger. Gradually, sides of nails are squeezed so as to provide a quick tub. Similar actions are then repeated with other hand. Massage should be done until every finger is selected.

Wrist rotation is also a good arm massaging technique. Hand of patient is taken into right hand first of all. The fingers should remain wrapped and thumbs interlaced. Forearm is then supported with the left hand of therapist and hand is slowly rotated around the wrist. Initially, small and slow rotations should be made. Range and speed of rotations should be increased slowly. But there must not be any discomfort reported.

There are also some finishing strokes associated with arm massage. These strokes help in making the arm more comfortable and relaxed. Finishing strokes are made by releasing the hand grip and by repeating similar actions as were made during oil application. Finishing strokes should be carried out for one or two minutes. Towards the finishing of massage, pressure applied to hands of a person should be light. Ultimately, entire arm is laid down and hands are taken off.

While doing arm massage, it must be remembered that at some areas, person undergoing massage may complain about pain or stiffness. Light but frequent pressure must be applied to such areas until pain and stiffness gets reduced. However, if pain increases, arm massage must be stopped and health care provider should be consulted.

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