How To Get Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

How To Get Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

How To Get Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth If proper dental hygiene is not maintained your child might face severe dental problems. Collection of plaque on his teeth can invite germs; this can rot your toddler’s teeth.

You wouldn’t want you want to see his cute milk teeth getting rotten. To save on the trouble caused to your little one and teach your child dental hygiene you can have a look at a few steps gven bellow to help your child maintain it.

Starting In The First Few Days

The best time to start with dental hygiene is the first few days after your little baby’s birth. You need to damp a clean cloth to wipe the plaque from your child’s gums daily as soon as you baby is up in the morning. Your child will start teething around 6 months after his birth.

The eruption of the first tooth is usually very irritating for your child. As soon as you see the first tooth of your child make sure you don’t miss out on wiping your child’s tooth first thing in the morning, just the way you clean your mouth before your start your day.

Try Mimicry Sessions In The Morning

If your child wakes up as early as your do your can try this. You can hand your toddlers toothbrush to him and you can pick up yours. Brush your teeth normally and see your toddler imitating your actions. This will make your child independent enough to maintain his dental hygiene very soon.

Get Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

This is a very smart way of making your toddler follow hygiene habits, as kids learn at home and are very fast at imitating elders, especially their parents.

You can also try giving your tooth brush to your child, asking him to brush your teeth the way you brush his teeth. This is a fun way of teaching dental hygiene to your baby. He will enjoy the morning and evening time brushing his teeth with fun.

Trick Your Toddler

This is going to be fun for you as little one might not understand your trick. Place a footstool for your toddler to climb on, make him stand in front of the mirror. Hold your child properly to prevent him from slipping off the footstool. Stand right behind your little one and count his teeth.

Touching each tooth of his with the toothbrush, just make sure you add a little toothpaste to it; giving each tooth its share of toothpaste. This counting procedure can help you brush your toddler’s teeth easily and also teach him numbers.

Buy toothpaste for kids that are available in different flavors. Ask your little one his choice and buy accordingly. Your toddler might even swallow the toothpaste or the form of the tooth paste, just make sure that the toothpaste you buy does not contain florid.

You can also buy an interesting toothbrush for your little one. Anything that your little one is fond of, like a favorite cartoon character, a car, a doll printed or embossed on the toothbrush, can make brushing your little ones teeth interesting for him.

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