How To Get Your Fringe To Stay Sideways

Fringes are very popular these days. This hair style is popular among teens as well as among women in their thirties.  The popularity of this style is not hard to find. But well, this is a style that needs a little maintenance.

To keep them in perfect shape, you would need to see your stylist almost every six weeks, unless you have your own set of crea clips to do your bangs. As such this can be low maintenance from day to day basis. This actually accounts for the reason why so many women opt for this style.  In order to hide high foreheads or just to have that puppy look fringes are almost unparalleled.

Tie up the hair in a quick pony, this style would never fail to rock. It would equally flatter you if you put on an elegant French knot for dinner or a ball. The fringes can almost do wonder. When they grow out a bit, the fringes or the bands can be all the more versatile. You can do a middle part, or a side part, or just to cover up the forehead, you can also go for a deep side parting.

But the problem arises when you want to do that parting as well as fight with your bangs in order to make them stay in place. Have you wondered at Sandra Bullock’s fringes in Miss Congeniality? Or at Anne Hathaway, in Devil Wears Prada? With a little trick it is not very hard to do.

You can use a variety of products depending on your hair health and texture and even your own skin type. Yes, kin type. This is because, since the fringes rest on your fore head, using products that may not be suitable for your skin, can give you a hard time.

For those, with no acne or pimple issues, and dry skin and medium thick hair, can opt for hair wax. This will make it easy to work with. Comb your hair in place or do the parting as you wish to do. Take a small, minute amount of wax on in your palm rub it to heat it up. This would melt it down, making it soft or molten which would let you work with it easily and without going over the top.

Now take a little of this wax on your finger and gently start running it on the fringes focusing on the tips and the strand avoiding the roots. Do this until the hair is lightly coated with the wax. But do not overdo it because overdoing it would make it difficult to remove the wax from your hair. Also, it might leave whitish cast in it.

For oily skinned women, having combed your hair in place and done everything focus the nozzle of your hair spray close to your fringes so that the spray does not diffuse on your face. Now, gently press the nozzle and spray on the fringe. You can also hold a handkerchief under the fringe so that the spray doesn’t get on your face. So, making your fringe stay sideways is not a hard thing to do. Get down to the battle with your fringe then, and be sure this time the victory is yours.



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