How To Get Thicker Eyelashes

Eyelashes define your eyes and enhance their beauty. Thick eyelashes make your eyes look seductive and gorgeous.

There has always been a constant search for methods by which you can thicken your eyelashes. Today, you can resort to cosmetic treatments as well as natural methods so as to have thicker and fuller eyelashes.

Application of olive oil on your lashes is seen to thicken them over course of time. You can pour a few drops of olive oil on cotton ball an then apply it to your eyelashes. Leave it on for some time and then wash off with water. Continue this treatment for a month and you will find that your eyelashes have become thicker and stronger.

You can also apply petroleum jelly or castor oil to your lashes to moisturize it and prevent it from breaking off. Daily application of vitamin E oil is also found to be effective in providing you with thicker eye lashes.

Adding few drops of lemon juice along with castor oil or olive oil and applying it to your eyes is also seen to enhance eyelash growth. But care should be taken that the mixture doesn’t get into your eyes as it can cause itching and burning.

You can also improvise on your eye makeup techniques to create a look of thicker and fuller eye lashes. Use an eye shadow of a very light shade as it is seen to help in making your eyelashes stand out. Apply a dark shade of eyeliner and define your upper eyelid.

Warm your eyelash curl a bit before using it on your lashes. Place the eyelash curler half way down the lashes and crimp for a few seconds. Repeat this process as you travel from the middle of your eyelashes down to the tips.

After this apply mascara starting from the base of your eyelashes. Wiggle the mascara brush as you go towards the tip. Repeat this process for 3 times.

If you find that your eyelashes are stuck together use an eyelash comb to separate them.Fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions can also provide an impression of thicker lashes. Also improve on your diet and have a lot of vitamins.Finally,be sure to remove all the eye makeup before going to bed so as to prevent damage and breakage of your lashes.

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