How to Get Thick Hair

Do you long to get thick hair?Well, you have to strive for it.You will have to take good care of your hair to get thick hair.

It will take you a while to get thick hair but trust me putting in some effort in this direction is worth the results.

First of all you should understand the reason for thin hair, which is obviously hair fall.To begin with you should stop doing anything and everything to prevent hair fall.The most important step to follow to get thick hair is to keep your scalp clean and clear of dandruff and dust.

You can shampoo 2-3 times a week to keep your scalp clean.Use a good quality mild shampoo or even a herbal shampoo so that your hair stays protected from harsh chemicals from shampoos.

Proper blood circulation is very important for growth of hair and hence to get thick hair.So go for a hot oil massage at least once a week using any oil of your choice.You can use olive, coconut, jojoba oil etc.You can steam your hair after getting oil massage and then shampoo and condition your hair as usual.

Never wash your hair with water too hot as it weakens the hair from roots and causes hair fall and dry hair.You can use cold or lukewarm water.You can also try applying an egg pack or any other fruit pack to nourish your hair.

Diet plays a very important role in getting thick hair.Indulge in a healthy diet containing lots of proteins, vitamins and minerals.Eat lot of nuts, fruits, vegetables, spouts etc to get thick hair.Also stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.Refrain from all sorts of crash dieting as it causes hair fall.So it is very important to eat healthy to get thick hair.

Minimize the use of harsh chemicals on your hair to get thick hair.Stick to herbal and natural products and go for harsh chemicals only if very necessary.Excessive use of straighteners and curling irons, etc. weakens the hair and also dries it out.

If used too much it also causes hair fall.So avoid using these as much as you can to get thick hair.Also refrain from bleaching and coloring your hair excessively.Make sure you follow these steps and you will get thick hair for sure.