How to Get Sexy Beach Wavy Hair

Summer is the time for you to have fun and play around with your look. A simple way to get beach hair is to do it yourself at home. Getting your hair ready for summer is easy and you can experiment with your look at home.To get curly wavy hair you must wash your hair and use a conditioner on it.In order to get a natural bounce on your hair you must avoid using heavy products that will weight down your hair. Instead use products that add volume; this will help to show off a natural bounce.

Hold your head upside down and then blow dry the roots of your hair with a dryer set on low heat. You need to let your hair be damp and avoid drying it completely. Now use a hair gel on the entire length of your hair and then divide your hair into 7 or 8 sections. When you are using the gel on your hair remember to avoid letting any product get onto the roots of your hair as it can cause hair fall or dandruff if the gel dries your scalp.

Once you divide your hair in the sections tie them in tiny buns and pin them up. Now spray your hair with hair spray or beach salt spray. Once you complete this you can let your hair dry naturally. It should not take more than 15 minutes for your hair to set. If you need to fasten the process then you can use the hair dryer on your hair; however once again you need to set it on low heat.

After the hair has dried open the buns and comb your hair with your fingers. You will notice loose waves in your hair. Scrunch your hair and it will set the way you want it to.

Now, if you are not happy with the way your curls look then you can use a curling iron to set the curls in place. It will give you a relaxed look rather than tight curls. Do not open the curling iron clip; just wrap the hair around the iron and let it do its work. When you untwist your hair it will look wavy and just the way you want it to look.

This is the simplest and quickest way to get beach waves in your hair.