How To Get Rid Of Whiteheads

Whiteheads are one of the most common skin problems faced by people all over the world.Whiteheads definitely stand as a big roadblock in the path to attain a perfect complexion.

Whiteheads appear when the skin pores get blocked by sebum and thus suffer from insufficient oxygen supply.These blocked skin pores lie very close to the skin surface and shows up as white bumps on the skin.They are usually seen around the regions of nose and cheek bones

Lack of proper skin care and an overdose of makeup can also aggravate the problem of whiteheads.Here are some tips that you can follow so as to deal with the issue of whiteheads.

Clean your face at least 2 times a day with a mild anti bacterial cleanser.You can also use cleansing products containing salicylic acids to get relief from the problem of whiteheads.Daily cleansing of your face will wash off the dirt and will clean the skin pores.

You can also scrub your face twice a week.Scrubbing and exfoliation helps in the removal of whiteheads.You can exfoliate with a homemade scrub made of oatmeal mixed with yogurt or milk.Wash off with warm water and then follow it up with moisturizing your face.

You can steam your face so as to remove the white heads.You can also try applying hot compress on the whiteheads.Place a warm washcloth over the area of your white heads. The heat will help in softening the skin and unclogging of the pores.

As a natural treatment for whiteheads, you can apply honey on to your face for 10 to 15 minutes.Massage in circular motions over areas like nose and cheekbones where the skin is fine.After massaging, wash with luke warm water and then pat dry with a clean towel.

Another home remedy for white heads includes the application of a paste of baking soda and water onto the affected areas.Leave on for 20 minutes before rinsing.Baking soda will soak up the excess oil in the skin pores and will thus help to eliminate whiteheads.

Applying tea tree oil on whiteheads will also help in their removal.Drink plenty of water so as to flush away toxins and keep your skin clean and hydrated. Also have a healthy diet containing fruits and vegetables.Finally do not try to remove the whiteheads forcibly as it can cause scarring of the skin.