How to get rid of Vaginal Itching

It’s embarrassing when you can’t sit or stand comfortably, because it’s itching badly down there. You are a woman, and you just can’t think about scratching your groin in the public, the way most men do it to relive themselves of the itch in their boxers. What’s best is to find out the root cause of vaginal itching and get it treated, instead to silently undergoing the discomfort.

The reasons

Itching in the vagina is mostly a symptom of urinary track infections and sexually transmitted diseases. Also you may experience itching down there when you are pregnant, because the Ph levels of the vagina change during pregnancy, causing dryness and making the vagina easily susceptible to infections. Yeast infections are also one of the causes of persistent itching in the vagina.

The way out

There are a lot of over the counter medication which can provide relief in vaginal itching, but it’s always advisable to contact your gynecologist to be absolutely sure that you are not infected. If your have contracted some sexually transmitted disease or infection, then most of the topical treatments may not be effective, so its important to meet with your doctor to rule out STDs. And in case you are pregnant, you should never try any self treatment, without discussing your case with the doctor.

Here are some things that will get you some relief from vaginal itching.

•    Fill a tub with warm water and add baking soda to it, sit in this solution for about ten minutes. Baking soda will help in lowering the Ph of the vagina, and you may experience great relief in the vaginal itching.
•    Using cold compress on the vaginal region may also provide some instant relief.
•    Be particular about your personal hygiene, and wash the vaginal region properly during your bath. Also it’s good to wash off the area with some fresh water after urinating.
•    Change your panties regularly, and try not to use any harsh detergents to wash your undergarments. And always wear proper fitting panties, because wearing tight panties causes excessive sweating which in turn serves as a breeding ground for bacteria and infections.
•    And lastly, use condoms while having sex to avoid contracting STDs.