How To Get Rid Of Toxins In Your Body

antitoxin-spa-massage In a life full of stress and strain,  the production of toxin in our body is pumped up. We have tried many detoxifying things like herbal tea, antitoxin spa massages to make us feel better. Here is the procedure of a unique bath which will not only help you to relax after the day’s hard toil but also it will detoxify your body.

You’ll need certain things to have a delightful antitoxin bath. Along with bath tub, towel and hot water you would require 1 cup of sea salts, 2 cups of baking soda, 1 cup of Epsom salts ( the measurement is sufficient for 16 baths), essential oil, and pure aloe gel. Collect a big jar to mix these ingredients. But above all you need enough time to have a  really relaxed bath. So don’t rush or make any important appointment at the time of bath.

Now set a perfect ambiance. Turn on a soft slow music. Light some aromatic candles. Have a bottle of drinking water near your tub.

Start the flow of the hot water. But make sure that the heat does not exceed your endurance. Hot water is essential to remove the toxin from you skin surface. When the water cools the toxin slowly flows away from your body. While bathing in the hot water add ample of sea salt and baking soda. The toxins  flows away faster with the help of the alkaline present in the baking soda. Soak yourself in the tub almost for haft an hour (you can stay longer if you have immunity to prevent cold) and in between the time keep sipping water to avoid dehydration.

While enjoying the bath rub sponge loofa on your entire body to ensure the total cleansing of the toxin. When you are through apply some aloe gel to moisturize your skin. The smell of the gel will also make you feel fresh.