How To Get Rid Of Sleep Disorders

get rid of Sleep Disorders

get rid of Sleep Disorders Sleepless nights or night with disturbed sleep affects a person’s responsiveness to small or big situations, makes him/her irritable and deprive him/her from effectively performing the usual activities. Restlessness or sleeping troubles are both signs of stress related sleep interruptions.

On an average, seven to eight hours of sleep every night is essential for refreshing yourself and enabling sound brain system to work on. Depriving yourself of regular sleep will harm immensely, by making one susceptible to illnesses, as the immune system efficiency gets reduced in absence of a sound sleep.

Ways To Get Rid Of Sleep Disorders

Those having difficulty in sleeping without any obvious reasons are known to suffer from Insomnia and individuals who tend to sleep excessively are referred to suffer from condition called as hypersomnia. It is very essential to manage both extremes of sleep disorders that are secondary to medical, mental or substance induced by focusing on proper ways of sleeping routines.

Simple Ways To Enable Good Night’s Sleep

Determine a regular bedtime and waking time and do follow it religiously. This serves as an easy way to make your body function in regulated and efficient manner. Choose a comfortable mattress as per your need. In case, one is not able to get it, go ahead with air or water mattress that can be easily adjusted for firmer or softer kind as per the requirement.

Avoid having medicines, especially those that are non drowsy kinds just before the bedtime. Also, refrain from drinking lots of water as it makes one feel bulkier and also the cause for frequent bathroom visits during the night.

Sleep Disorders

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Overcome your caffeine addiction as it may have adverse consequences that also disrupt the sleep. Those who have been using it chronically may suffer from discomfort on an abrupt discontinuation. Slowly start reducing the caffeine intake and keep it to minimal amount.

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Follow sleep restriction to fix your sleeping troubles. Spending too much time in bed ruins the sleep and a behavioral therapy is the way out. Avoid day time naps and if required take it for duration of maximum half an hour only.

Sleep Becomes Elusive With Age

As we age, the slow wave phase of the sleep gets reduced. It is only during this segment of slow wave rest, sleep deepens and one becomes less aware of disruptions around. Hence, older people are easily awakened by the noises of the environment as compared to the younger individuals.

Moreover, common old age related health problems like heart burn, menopause, respiratory ailments, arthritic pain and medicines taken to relieve these can bring more of sleeping difficulties. Hormone melatonin, responsible for sound sleep and wakefulness, is produced in lesser amounts with age and increases the likelihood of sleep disorders.

A glass of warm milk could come as a useful home remedy for those who could easily digest milk as milk contains a chemical tryptophan that is known to have some sleep inducing properties. Remember, sleep is a necessity, not a choice. It is equally important as good nutrition and regular exercise for overall good health.