How To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

How To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

How To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes Many women face the problem of puffy eyes especially in the morning.  Their eyes often swell in the morning and it is frankly not something that anybody loves. Every girl faces embarrassment in such situations and wants to hide her face from others.

What if, when any women wish good morning to their other family members and everybody says, ‘Oh No’ what happened to your eyes? Naturally explaining the reason behind puffy eyes will be embarrassing.

Sometimes you won’t find any answer or many women straight away rush to the doctors to know what happened to their eyes. Why they are feeling swelling around the eyes? Is it something serious or what to do under such situations are the questions for which everyone wants to know the answer?

There are many times when one face puffy eyes as a reaction of eating something, we have seen many person who get puffy eyes when they eat rice at night that means during night time rice does not suits to such person and it is not right for them to eat rice, one can escape such situations by limiting the quantity or sometime by avoiding such foods which react them.

Tips To Prevent Dark Circles And Puffy Eyes In The Morning

Dark circles and swelling of the eyes in the morning have various causes. It may be that you do not have enough sleep. This has sometimes allergic related to what you ate. The eyes swell up in the morning after a high intake of salt, spices and alcohol also. Therefore, avoid excess of any nature whatsoever. Also note that the care and tips we offer are for dark circles and swelling without pain or itching or redness. In these cases, please consult a doctor.

Your Eyes Are Precious

As we all know that eyes are really precious and one cannot take any risk with them. The eye area is very thin and delicate so you have to be very gentle towards this area and to overdue puffiness one should not go for harsh chemical based products. The best way to reduce slight puffiness which usually occurs in the morning is to splash cold water on your face.

In order to save you from embarrassment we are herby giving you some tips how to avoid the ugly rings beneath your eyes. Here are some care and natural products which can be used to avoid dragging the rings all day.

Natural Care And Tips To Eliminate Puffy Eyes In The Morning

tips to eliminate puffy eyes

Dark circles and puffy eyes in the morning are unsightly. To get around, always use closed cotton soaked around your eyes in cold green tea. Lie back and let the tea sit for ten minutes. For now, you will have less dark circles and tea will act in the minutes.

The slice of fresh potato and cucumber will also give the same result. In addition to being effective in treating puffy eyes, cucumbers will give the sparkle in the light. Many women also use ice to end the rings around the eyes. The effectiveness of this trick is not yet proven, but in any case, the cold wake is always refreshing and stress free.

One trick is that you can take the juice out of cucumber and then freeze that juice in an ice tray and in morning use eyes cubes around your eye area and lie back for 10 minutes keeping the eyes cubes onto your eyes.

Another technique is eyes patches or some call them eyes sheets or treatment masks for the eyes. These packs have some wonderful ingredients like retnol and ginseng and these ingredients help to reduce the eyes puffiness and regenerate the skin. The retnol helps to reduce the fine lines and ginseng clears the puffiness in no time. These masks help to revitalizing the skin and also give hydration .

Cosmetics Brand Against Dark Circles And Puffy Eyes In The Morning

Nivea offers the Care Aqua Sensation, a careful concealer and anti-pockets. This cream guarantees a wave of freshness in the eyes after application. The Nivea Care Aqua Sensation is rich in extracts of cucumber, magnesium, ginseng, moisturizing agents, vitamin E and protective agents against the sun’s rays.

Signs of fatigue so visibly diminish and the skin will get hydrated the price of the cream is around € 7.05 of 15ml pack. Lancôme also have care creams and concealers. This is the case of Hydra Zen Eye. It is a creamy gel that guarantees the consequent reduction of dark circles and puffiness. Hydra Zen Eye moisturizes and soothes the eye through the cocktail of moisturizing ingredients.

There is another renowned product from the company artistry and the artistry replenishing eye crème is quite effective .The company vouch that this cream is not only effective in reducing the puffiness just in 24 hours and also helps to reduce under eye circles by 29% in 16 weeks time.

Here Are Some Other Tips To Reduce Puffiness Around Your Eyes

To reduce puffiness one can use any metal spoon and first run cold water on the spoon and when the soon get cold put it on the eyes or the swollen area for at least 1-2 minutes.

Cucumber slices can also be used to get rid of puffiness. It give relaxation to the eyes.

Eye -creams with vitamin E can be used  for soothing the eye area.

Sometimes using a black tea bag ( Dip-Dip pouch) which should be soaked in the chilled water and the excess water should be removed with gentle press. It  also eliminates swelling.

The salt creates water retention in the body and so avoiding excess salt is also beneficial.

Always use a pillow while sleeping this helps to prevent body fluid settling around the eyes.

The swelling of the eyes upon awakening is caused by various factors such as lack of sleep, allergy or high consumption of salty foods and alcoholic beverages. Care and tricks listed above are for dark circles and swelling without pain or itching or redness. As otherwise youa re advised to consult your doctor.

Meeta Sharma