How To Get Rid of Pimples

No matter how beautiful you are a bad skin condition is all you need to get everything ruined. Whether preparing for a party or a simple night out with the special someone, or just going to office, this one big ugly pimple can be a major cause of concern in damaging your confidence level completely.

Hence, if your skin is acne-prone, a well managed regular ‘skin care regimen’, specially tailored to meet your skin condition is very important to prevent acne breakouts.

Every person from any work of life with various skin-type face competitions with isolated flaws on the skin sometimes or the other in life. So what is the remedy for getting prepared against a painful acne, or a red pimple?

1. For people facing this kind of problem with a pimple ‘once in a blue moon’, during maybe a major event like a ‘photo shoot’ or a ‘wedding ceremony’- applying a ‘hydrocortisone cream’ will be the right idea.

This kind of contemporary ‘anti-inflammatory’ creams is very useful in taking out the redness of an acne. However, frequent use of the same can in fact stimulate the growth of pimple. If a quick and effective solution is needed, on should refer to their dermatologist for a steroid injection like the ‘Kenalog’- this is a stronger and efficient version of the same ‘hydrocortisone cream’.

2. Although, frequent visits to a dermatologist is not always practically possible, and everyone has this temptation to burst these red enemies of our skin. We won’t be discussing about why it’s not always the best idea, it has been discussed a lot of time by many a people, and lot of us though being the skin care specialists do have this temptation to get rid of a red pimple with a quick fix. We will however, be discussing the safest times to do it. For example, pimples with clear defined ‘yellow-white’ centers are the ones safe to burst. We should begin by washing our hands properly.

Then we have to hold a warm ‘washcloth’ covering the pimple for three to five minutes, followed by pressing ‘two cotton scrubs’ on both sides of the ‘pimple’. Most important of all is one should know when to stop, because, if the pimple is not getting removed with gentle pressure, forced puncture of the pimple will only lead to the risk of a scar.

3. Salicylic acid is however one of the best options to treat a skin acne. This option is even safe for very sensitive skins as well. An off the record suggestion will be to check for toothpastes with zinc content. They can be good pimple removers as well.