How to Get Rid of Lifeless Skin

Bad eating habits and lack of skin care results in lifelessness of skin. a lifeless skin can ruin personality of a person. It is dull, irritating, glow less, non shiny and rough.

Many people get such skin because of several factors like excessive use of make up, use of harmful chemical on skin, etc. so the main question is that how exactly one can get rid of dull and lifeless skin without spending much time over it.

Well the first and the most important thing to be taken care of id diet. Skin needs to be pampered with the intake of loads of vitamins, fiber, iron, minerals and less of fats.

The toxin creation on body ruins the texture of skin because of which it is necessary to flush them off. The most beneficial method to do that is to go on liquid diet for 2 days or take loads of fruits and raw salads in your diet plan.

Less exposure to dust and pollution is highly recommended so whenever you go out, wear scarf to cover your face, neck and arms as these areas of body generally get revealed. You must also carry an umbrella to keep a shed from sun light.

Drinking loads of water can bring radiance in the skin so take fluids in any form like juice, coconut water, soups and basic water as well. Using good skin care products is essential as well. Visit dermatologist to check about your skin type and then buy products accordingly.

A good moisturizer and cleanser are must have for any women. Do not go for chemical- based cosmetics and look for herbal cosmetics which are skin friendly. Not always a big brand creates good products so use your common sense while choosing as well.

Use of body wash and face wash could change the way your skin feels. Normal soaps devoid the skin of its moisture, making it dry. So use cream based products if you have dry skin and purifying body wash if you have oily skin type. Also sleep for at least 8 hours to avoid dark circles and dullness in skin.