Ways To Get Rid Of Fried Food Smell In Your Hair

Ways To Get Rid Of Fried Food Smell In Your Hair

Ways To Get Rid Of Fried Food Smell In Your Hair There are many reasons due to which food smell can persist in hair. For example, chefs and various other types of restaurant workers remain exposed for food preparations for hours together.

Due to prolonged exposure, food smell gets absorbed into hairs and persists there for days together. If hairs are not washed everyday, this smell can increase day by day. Though there are different types of recipes prepared at restaurants and hotels, it is the fried food smell that is mostly found in people working in restaurants.

One of major problems attached with fried food smell is that it cannot be stopped completely from retaining in hairs even by wearing hats or hairnet. It should be understood that aromas of fried food are able to penetrate hairs and scalp easily and this is the reason why they are retained in hairs for longer periods. Apart from hair, in clothing also, smell of fried food persists for days together. Fried food smell in hairs is not liked and may restrict other people from getting close.

How to Get Rid of Fried Food Smell in Your Hair

There are certain measures that can be taken for getting rid of fried food smell in hairs. First of all, there are some requirements that have to be fulfilled. For example, dry shampoo, baby powder, and essential oils are some of requirements that should be fulfilled. One of best ways of getting rid of fried food smell is to apply hair washing products that do not require water.

For example, dry shampoo is one such product, which is easily available at drug and beauty supply stores. These shampoos contain certain ingredients that act as good absorbers. For example, magnesium carbonate and aluminum starch are two such ingredients. Dry shampoos should be applied regularly for keeping the hairs refreshed.

Another way to get rid of food smell in hairs is applying essential oils. There are some essential oils that help in preventing bad odor of fried food. Essential oils normally used for making an herbal blend to be sprayed on hairs are eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil. Peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil are added in ration of 5:1 to water in a spray bottle and this mixture is then sprayed on hairs.

This mixture not only removes bad odor from hairs but also provide vitamins and other nutrients to hairs, which keep them healthy. One of commonest substances that can be used for getting rid of fried food smell is baby powder. This powder can be sprinkled on hairs. For spreading this powder throughout hairs, head should be shaken while moving hands through the hairs. This should be done gently so that hairs are not harmed in any manner.

It has been found that though many people use shampoo and conditioner on hairs, they are not able to get rid of smell of fried food. This occurs because of the fact that shampoos are unable to remove smell of food in single wash only. Thus, shampoo should be applied for two to three times until smell is removed from hairs. For best results, citrus based shampoos should be used.