How To Get Rid of Double Chin

Double chin is a sad byproduct of obesity. As harmless it might be for health, it takes away all the beauty of the face.

And of course, it’s not exactly as hard or impossible to get rid of it as the overall weight. All it takes is a bunch of simple exercises and a regulated diet and you can say goodbye to that extra mass of fat.

Diet – Yes, this is the first step towards the reduction of accumulation of fat in not just your face but overall body. Try including more vegetables and rice in your diet. This helps to cut the extra calorie which further prevents the accumulation of anymore fat around your chin. Also make sure your diet includes a lot of fruits.

Jaw exercises – You can follow some simple exercises everyday to burn the extra fat already accumulated under your chin. One of the easiest and the best exercises is to chew gum.

As simple as it may sound, it does work since it concentrates on exercising your jaws which in turn curb the extra fat in the body. There are also some exercises in Yoga that concentrates on exercising the chin part. Another simple exercise is to let your face tilt backwards and so that you face the ceiling.  Stay in that position for about a minute. Repeat it for 5-10 minutes everyday.

Chin Liposuction – If you don’t mind surgeries, this is a popular one that helps remove the extra fat from the face. Although it’s popular, this is a dangerous method that comes with several infections and cases of blood clots after the surgery. Also, if you don’t control your diet after the surgery, your double chin will be back.

Velfrom Chin Wrap – This is a relatively safer method compared to the previous method. This wrap system is the most effective of all the methods out there and also, the easiest to use. All you need to do is use this chin wrap a couple of days and see it reduce your facial fat in due time.

Sitting posture – This can also help you stop the accumulation of fat to a considerable extent. By good posture, we mean, you have to sit straight and keep your jaws as stiff as possible. This way you can burn a few calories off the double chin.

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