How To Get Rid Of An Obsessive Ex

How To Get Rid Of An Obsessive Ex

How To Get Rid Of An Obsessive Ex It is always hard to get over with relationships, but it becomes even harder when you know your lover is obsessed and will follow you till your grave. In this kind of situation not only you should know how to come out of it clean, but you should also make sure that you finish off things in a way that you don’t leave any strings attached.

What Should Be Done ?

A break up can never be a pleasant experience for anyone, it is always mentally strenuous and drains you emotionally, at times things can get ugly, when it is not done mutually and in that case maybe you would get over your ex but your ex wouldn’t have any plans to let you live in peace. In such case you should take care of the following things.

Be Clear About Your Mind  & Just Stay Out Of Touch With Your Ex

Though it’s hard that you break up with a person cordially, 9 out of 10 times, a relationship would end on a bitter note, but ideally you should always try to end things mutually, especially in that case when you know your partner can go a little overboard at times.

After you’ve broken up, you should be sure of at least yourself and about what you want. You should not keep any sort of touch with your ex, and never show him that you still have an aorta of space in your heart for that person. Don’t confuse your ex and never be bitter

Besides you should make sure once you have broken up you don’t give your ex any kind of wrong signals, because that would only confuse them, which would lead to further confusion. Always know just because you are ending a relationship doesn’t mean, you have to be harsh and hurtful to the other person, always try to end a relationship with dignity. Hurting someone never helps.

Don’t Ever Fool The Person

At times it happens that you get over the person, your ex happens might still lingering on to hopes , and might be thinking of getting you back, then you should not fuel the fire, you should tell her right away that it is not possible. Never try to fool the other person; you never know what the consequences would be.

Keep Things Disclosed

If you have moved on and you are already seeing someone, and your ex is still not yet over you, then make sure you don’t tell your ex about your new relationship, because it would not help the two of you in any way, but would only make things worse, as the person left out would only feel jealous and inferior. By telling your ex about the new relationship you also put your new partner in danger depending upon how crazy your ex is.

Never ever disclose the whereabouts of your new partner to your ex. After you followed all these steps, always remember that your ex is that person that you loved and cared for at one point of time, therefore make sure you don’t get abusive and harsh language that would hurt his/her feelings further.

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