How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

acne-scar Acne scars are not just embarrassing and ugly, but may also be quite demoralizing and infuriating. Nonetheless, there are several ways of  acne scars treatment, or at least make them less visible. What strategy you need to use, to get rid of these scars, will depend upon how severe the scars are. Before you try anything, it is advisable to check with your dermatologist, as to what is the best course of action in your particular case. Anyways, here’s a list of a few methods that are usually used to remove acne scars.

Do it at home

If the scarring is mild, there are several procedures that you can carry out at home to get rid of these acne scars. There are specially formulated products which are easily available at most drugstores and cosmetic stores. There are two most popular methods that you can use at home, the first one being derma-abrasion and the second one being chemical peels.

Whenever you go shopping for these products, just scan through the ingredient list, to be sure that the product contains either retinol or Alpha Hydroxy acid. However, people with sensitive skin must avoid both these methods because rashes and inflammation may occur. For milder and more natural alternatives, look for aloe Vera or Lavender based products, as both these natural ingredients are believed to reduce scars.

Professional methods

Laser resurfacing is one of the most popular methods that are used by skin care professionals, to remove acne-scars. The procedure involves removing old skin cells with a laser beam, to promote the growth of new skin cells. However, be cautioned that laser surfacing usually results in an uneven looking skin tone, especially so if your skin shade is darker. Apart from this little glitch, this method is quite promising and though you may experience some redness and inflammation for a few weeks, the acne scars will leave your skin permanently.

Professional derma-abrasion is another popular method, in which scrubbing machines are used to remove the damaged skin cells. Before the scrubbing, the skin is either numbed with local anesthesia or is frozen, to pass up the pain. It’s quite a fierce method and will leave your skin raw, inflamed and painful for several weeks after the treatment.

Sidharth Thakur