How to Get Perfect Curls Using a Curling Iron

A woman with straight hair would like to style it in curls at some time or the other. You don’t need to go to a hair stylist if you want to style your hair in curls.

Investing in a good hair curling iron is a good way to save money in the long term. A single purchase will help you to style your hair on several occasions with minimal effort.

When you want to curl your hair you will need to wash it first. This will help you to style your hair with ease. Washing also gets rid of the dirt and oil from your hair thereby giving you a clean head of hair to work with.

When you are done washing your hair you need to blow dry your hair like you would normally do. Use a volumizing hairspray on the entire length of your hair. You also need to switch on the hair curling iron so that it can heat up.

Once the iron has heated for a minute or two you can start curling your hair. Divide your hair into sections of an inch and start wrapping them around the iron in order to curl the section.

Let the hair stay on the hot iron for 45 seconds and then uncurl it. You will notice beautiful curls forming. Don’t let the curls fall but instead let them stay curled. With the help of bobby pins put the curls up and continue to curl the rest of the sections.

When you are done curling the entire length of your hair with the curling iron use a strong hold hairspray on your hair and then let the spray stay on for a few minutes before you begin to remove the bobby pins from your hair.

You will reveal gorgeous curls in a matter of minutes. You can continue to style you hair as you wish or simply leave the curls in your hair and enjoy the look.

Using a curling iron along with bobby pins is the easiest and quickest way to transform your hair from straight to curly. It is better than a permanent solution like a perm.


  • Monica Hunter

    What if you have naturally curl hair? Doyou still turn the curling iron on. Im just kidding. But seriously, Curly hair can be a pain… Help? ]: