How To Get Over A Crush

Get Over A Crush Almost everyone these days have a crush, at school or in the neighborhood. Some even have multiple crushes, having a crush on someone is healthy and amusing. It is a doorway to your emotions and reactions towards what could turn into love. Lets not get there yet, as sometimes crushes can be hard to get over unless you find someone better.

Tips To Get Over A Crush

What Caused The Heartbreak?

Find out the reason why you are heartbroken, a problem is halfway solved when it is understood properly. There can be a number of reasons like, your crush is taken, or he/she has rejected your proposal, etc, but all of the reasons boil down to one simple reason, You cannot get over him/her. Why hang on to one person when there are so many other options, more than you can think, out there. All you need is patience.

Look Around

You need to get four squared and concentrate on yourself. If you think he/she is out of your league, think again, that does not make any sense, who set those standards in the first place? You are more than he/she knows you, you know that. You need someone who likes you little quirks, understands your emotions, essentially understands you, and respects you. So quit feeling disappointed with yourself and believing he/she beyond your depth.

Your Personal Legend

Everyone has a personal legend, and nothing should cause a change in it. Love should not change the person you are. Do you like staying upset to the detriment of your health and disposition? No one does. So get up, find something you like to do, take out time for yourself and do that. When I was rendered heartbroken, I went out to my favorite bookstore, grabbed a copy of my favorite author and a cup of coffee and spent time at the store, reading. And on my way home, I bought some of my favorite flowers. It felt amazing. You should always do something special for yourself whether or not you are heartbroken.

Do Not Want To Alone?

Incase you are phobic to being alone after such a despairing incident, you can spend time with your friends. Discussing the matter with one friend is absolutely fine, but do not end up mourning over the grief and getting consoled by your friends.

Get Over A Crush

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You do not need compassion; you can take care of yourself. In my opinion, avoid any discussion of the matter, and plan something fun to do with everyone. If you engage yourself in activities you like, you will find that your mind drifts away to his/her thoughts less to none.

Seeing Him/Her Everyday?

Sometimes it becomes more difficult to get over a crush when he/she is your friend or worse best friend, or maybe your class mate/ colleague. And, when that happens you need to prepare for a battle between your mind and heart. Rule your mind over your heart. Do not give him/her the impression that you are not over him/her if he/she is aware of it, play it cool, let him/her know that it was just a passing phase, yes, I know it is easier said than done, but you have to have be strong.

Try sitting quietly for five minutes daily, and whenever you mind floats away to those thoughts of gloom, bring yourself back and think of something productive and important to you.


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