How To Get Fake Nails Off

Fake nails are not something that you can just pull out like they are temporarily glued together and not expect a major after-damage that follows with it.

There are right procedures that needs to be followed for it and some after care that comes with it. So here we are, to give you some important pointers on this.

Removal of nails, even though they are fake is a painful process. So just to make sure, keep all the materials required for the removal of the acrylic nails ready before you start with it.

Once you are ready, get the nail clippers and cut the extra nail off. Yes, you’ll have to sacrifice your new set of fake nails, but this is only to make the procedure easier and hassle-free. Cut off the nails to the base of your finger until only the body region of the nail has remained.

The next step is to loosen up the nails. This needs acetone or just your regular nail polish remover. Pour it out in a bowl and dip your fingers into it. This is important to dissolve the glue or the acrylic that you used to attach the nails. Let your hands soak in it for about 10-15 minutes. Also, make sure the acetone you are using is a pure one. You can get this is a general pharmacy.

Once you are done with this, take your hands off the bowl and gently try to pull the fake nails off. Always remember never to apply much pressure while pulling it off or force the nail to peel out. If you can’t peel it out easily, soak your nail in acetone again and try after another few minutes.

Once all the nails are off, wash your hands with a good sanitizer to remove the acetone off your hands and make sure that no residue is left on the skin. You can also use a nail buffer to buff your nails clean.

There will be some loss of moisture and shine after the removal of the nails. To fix this, massage your hands with a good moisturizer to prevent the skin and nails from drying up.You can also try applying olive oil to fix this.