How to Get Body Tan

Every American women desire to get a sexy golden full body tan. In the months of summer, you can get it naturally just by following some tips. In case you feel that just lying down under the sun then you are wrong.

In fact, direct sunlight could ruin the tanned look. You must take extra caution white trying to get sun tan as the sun exposure may lead to disastrous sun burns and scars on the body. The most important thing that should be kept in mind is that you must not lie down under the sun for more than 2 hours in a day.

Skin tan is very easy to get if you follow some of these easy tips. In the process of getting tan in skin, you would be requiring a body loofah, body moisturizer and an effective sun block lotion. You must not forget to take a shower before going out to lie under the sun. A good exfoliation is required before the tanning process so make a good use of loofah on the body and remove the dead layer of skin by its help.

As for the sun block, SPF 15 works the best for people but in case you are extremely fair, then you would need to apply SPF 20 all over the body. It may sound strange that you want a tan through sun and still need protection from sun itself but believe it, sunscreen does a lot more than just protecting from sun so do apply it generously.

The best time to go for sun tan is the early hours of the morning or in the evening say after 4 o clock. You must choose a good position of where to lie in. the one that has strongest sun rays must be chosen and lie down directly on to the shadow of yours.

The pattern of lying down is that you must lie from the front for 15 minutes and then flip and lay from the back for equal time. You should increase the minutes day to day and stop till you reach 25. After this, wash your body and apply moisturizer and then you are done.

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