How To Get Angelina Jolie’s Eye Makeup

How To Get Angelina Jolie's Eye Makeup

How To Get Angelina Jolie's Eye Makeup Angelina Jolie has been repeatedly raising storms on the red carpet. With her monochrome understated make up and sexy curves, she is the ultimate modern sex symbol. The diva is famous for her bee -stung lips and nevertheless for her previous destructive behavior.

What many failed to notice is her killer feline eye. For those who follow the key mantra of makeup ‘less is more’ this eye makeup is a hot bun. These eyes are so wearable from red carpet to the grocery store. This make up is a blessing to the small eyed beauties. The subtlety makes people wonder what’s so special in these killer eyes without letting them pinpoint the real cause. Amazingly, this toned down cat eyes are the easiest to do with makeup.

Even the duds would be able to do this with very little practice. Start priming your eye lids with a good eye-lid primer. Then put on an eye shadow base. Since nude shades are often very difficult to show up, a good base is very important.  For this monochrome look, we must not have any colorful shadow. Tones of browns are the best friends for this look.

Now, taking a shader brush, pick up a shade that is closest to the eye lids or just a shade dark. Shimmers must be avoided at all cost as this eye makeup is about making it look very natural.  Next, we would need a pencil brush. Dip the pencil brush in a brown shadow which is two tones deeper than the shadow on the lid. Gently place the shadow from outer corner till half of the crease.

Draw an outer ‘v’ on the outer corner. The crease color must not be too dark; we not need heavily sculpted eyes. With the help of your pencil brush again, take some brown shadow which you used in the crease and gently line the lower lash line. From outward, do this only up to three fourth of your lower lash line.

Next take a smudge-proof, soft pencil liner in dark black. The tip should be sharp and soft . Now, start from the outer corner and draw a steady line towards the inner corner. But stop when you reach the middle. From middle to the outside the line should gradually thicken.

When you reach the outer corner, with the flick of your wrist, gently flip up the line into a wing. For your lower lash line also, line only three fourth from the outer to the inner corner . Also fill in three fourth of your waterline from the outer corner. For the faint hearted, you can replace the black liner pencil with a very deep brown pencil liner.

At last comes the step which plays the most vital role in making this eye look natural. Again get hold of your pencil liner. Now very carefully, smudge the edges of the line which you did with your pencil liner. Blend off any harsh edge and blend off the inner corner. Follow up with tons of mascara. You can also go for natural looking falsies



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