How To Get A Perfect Outdoor Tan

How To Get A Perfect Outdoor Tan

How To Get A Perfect Outdoor Tan Golden and healthy tan always helps a person in looking and feeling better. People undertake different types of activities for getting outdoor tan. Perfect outdoor tan creates an illusion of thinner body and hence, helps a person in attracting other people.

This is the reason why many people can be found lying by the side of pool or at beach. Getting tan in this way is always an enjoyable experience. However, at the same time, a person should be very careful that diseases like skin cancer are avoided. While getting perfect outdoor tan, it is very important to avoid sun damage. There are some steps that should be followed while tanning skin under sun.

How to Get a Perfect Outdoor Tan

For getting perfect outdoor tan, some of things needed are good quality exfoliating skin cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen with SPF 15 or more. Exfoliation always helps in getting perfect outdoor tan. Hence, before going to poolside or beach, skin must be exfoliated. This can be done by using an exfoliating skin cream or by using a loofah.

It should be understood that through exfoliation, dead skin cells are removed and an even and smooth surface is obtained, which is considered as a perfect surface for tanning. Similarly, after taking shower, skin should be moisturized by using a good quality moisturizer. For getting a perfect outdoor tan, it is necessary that skin is properly moisturized. Otherwise also, for maintaining a healthy skin, moisturizers should be used.

Before going out in sun for getting perfect outdoor tan, sunscreen with Sun Protection Factor or SPF 15 or more should be used. If a person has a fairer skin, sunscreen with SPF 30 or more should be used as this type of skin burns easily in sun. While choosing a sunscreen, skin type must be given preference.

It has been found that dark skinned people think that they do not need any type of sunscreen formulation while going out in sun. This is not true as people with black skin also needs appropriate sunscreen for preventing skin cancer and skin damage. For getting perfect outdoor tan, it is also necessary that sunscreen is reapplied after every 20 or 30 minutes. Similarly, before entering swimming pool, sunscreen should be applied.

While getting tan, a person must move around regularly. This is done for adjusting the body to stay in the direction of sunlight. Similarly, body should be flipped after every twenty to thirty minutes. This is necessary for ensuring that front and back parts of body are tanned in same manner. Since straps of swimming may cause strap marks, these must be moved off the neck or shoulders while tanning body under sun.

Many skin care experts believe that time spent under sun for tanning must be limited to two or three hours in a day. People, who are light skinned, must limit their tanning time to thirty minutes only. Practice of spending full day in sun for getting perfect tan should be avoided as this can lead to sunburn. After spending desired time under sun, it is necessary that a person takes shower and applies moisturizer. This helps in prolonging the life of tan and keeping the skin healthy.

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