How To Get A Nicely Tanned Skin

There was a time when tanned skin was considered highly undesirable, and then there was a gradual drift in the ideology and tanned skin came to be associated with sensuousness and beauty. No wonder, the beaches were flooded with bikini clad women trying to tan their skin. But soon scientists and medical professionals discovered that direct exposure, of skin to sun rays, was the leading cause of skin cancer.

And soon came up sun tanning options that didn’t require exposure to UV laden sun rays. Let us have a look at all the different options, from which you can pick and choose, to enjoy a beautifully tanned skin. However, please understand that all these methods are not safe, so pleased do read a little bit more about each of these methods before you settle down for one.

The most popular of sun tanning methods, sunbathing found increasing acceptance from the sixties to the eighties that is till the time skin cancer related research reports came up.

As of today most people love to enjoy a tanned skin but without exposing themselves to the harsh ultraviolet rays. No doubt sunbathing still remains the most popular practice, with the only difference that people prefer to apply a sunscreen lotion with a high SPF factor to minimize the damage caused by direct sun rays.

Sun tan is now available over the counter at medical and cosmetic stores, I’m not trying to be funny but that’s how it is, you can actually buy it over the counter. Sun less tanning products popularly known as bronzers are available in the form of creams, lotions and powders. You can apply them onto your skin to enjoy a temporary tan, which can later be washed off easily. And if you want a more uniform effect throughout your body you can walk into one of the spray tanning booths where the tan is spread evenly onto your body using an air compressor.

There are also available tanning accelerators both in the form of lotions to be applied externally and in the form of pills to be consumed orally. And one step ahead of these are specially formulated tanning pills which can change the color of your skin, however certain side effects are likely.

Not wanting to step out in the open and bare your body, you can make use of tanning beds fitted with special tanning lamps; however you won’t be able to save yourself from the ultra violet rays emitted by these lamps.

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Sidharth Thakur