How to Get a Man to fulfill Your Fantasies?

For ages women have just succumbed to the sexual desires of their men, without really getting their men to satisfy their desires. Its mostly because sex is traditionally consider to be the sole domain of men, so women give in to the sexual desires of the men.

Just like men women too have fantasies and they too want the sex they fantasize. But most women don’t know how to ask or make their men to act out their fantasies. So if you’re one who has been holding back her sexual fantasy just because you don’t know the trick of getting a man to participate in your fantasy, then here is the advice that you need.

Tell himMost women are shy or afraid to talk about their fantasies with their men, let alone ask them out to enact them. And that’s the biggest hurdle that keeps them away from enjoying their fantasies. So, one thing is evident that unless you tell your man your fantasies, your fantasies will always remain fantasies.

Now, the most important thing here is to make your fantasy known to him and not to ask him outright to fulfill your fantasy. Because that’s going to make your man feel offended. If you’re not comfortable talking about it, you could consider watching some porn which is similar to your fantasy, and while watching it you could suggest your man about trying it out with you.

Another way out could be to take him with you when you go shopping for your lingerie, as that will help you to open up with him and give him some ideas about what you love in sex.

It’s give and take

In sex it’s simple, if you give your man what he wants he will be willing to give you what you want in return. So, how about finding out about his fantasies and giving him the pleasure that he desires. When you encourage a man to share his fantasies with you, he will want to know about your fantasies too. Just like you your man too has a lot of fantasies, and when you enact his fantasies, he will feel interested to enact your fantasies.

Excite him

Stimulate a man’s senses and excite him to a level where he cannot keep his hands off you, and in that excited state you can easily make him to try something new and something different. To stimulate your man mentally, talk about sex, create a visual aphrodisiac and to stimulate him physically touch and feel his body, give him a little bit of oral, and he’ll be all game to fulfill your fantasy.