How To Get A Great Dinner Look

How To Get A Great Dinner Look

How To Get A Great Dinner Look It is always a great please to receive an invitation for dinner or to host dinner for friends, relatives and colleagues. It has been found that women are very much particular about their looks at dinner party.

In other words, they wish to look stunning and attractive at the dinner at all costs. For looking great, two aspects that have to be taken care of are makeup and dress. Makeup for dinner party is not much different from routine makeup but certain tips should be followed for looking the best. Similarly, dress worn by a woman must go with the occasion.

How To Get A Great Dinner Look

For getting perfect makeup for the dinner party, products needed are foundation, moisturizer, eyeliner, eye shadow, clear lip gloss, lipstick and blush. Before applying makeup, face should be washed with mild soap and cold water. It is then dried up with soft towel without wiping the face. After drying face completely, tinted moisturizer as per skin tone is applied. There are basically two skin tones.

These are warm and cool and moisturizers for these two tones are different. If tinted moisturizer is not available, regular moisturizer can be added to little quantities of foundation. The foundation must go with the skin tone. These two are mixed well and applied on face. Many estheticians believe that tinted moisturizer with shade lighter than desired should be applied, as it offers perfect look.

Since face should look flawless at the dinner, blemishes on the skin should be perfectly covered with foundation. It is better if foundation matching natural color of skin is chosen for hiding blemishes. Applying eyeliner and eye shadow ensure perfect dinner looks. Black eyeliner and eye shadow are generally used for darker skin tones. If skin tone is cool or lighter, brown eyeliner and eye shadow should be used.

Some women with cool skin tone also use black eyeliner and eye shadow for looking bolder. However, brown looks more subtle. Eyeliner is applied to the upper as well as lower eyelash lines. It must be applied very close to eyelashes. For getting attractive looks, eyeliner applied at upper eyelash line may be smudged with little finger. Eyeliner should not be applied on the water line; otherwise it may irritate the eyes. Water line is the pink rim near eye that lies above eyelashes.

Afterwards, eye shadow is applied to eye lids with the help of eye shadow brush. The color of eye shadow must match with the color of eye liner. Like eyeliner, eye shadow is also smudged over upper eye lashes. Darker shade of eye shadow is applied to the crease and corners of eyes. Mascara is also applied to top eye lashes. Color of mascara should match with the color of eye liner.

Get A Great Dinner Look

For separating the eyelashes from each other, mascara brush should be wiggled at the roots. Mascara must not be applied to lower eyelashes. Before applying, brush should be dabbed for removing excessive quantities. Afterwards, blush is applied on face. The color of blush should go with the skin tone. If skin color is fair, raspberry color is considered as best while for skin with yellow undertone, bronzy-red color is considered as best.

Women that have medium complexion should use a deep red color. Women with dark colored skin should go for dark raspberry color. Blush is applied to the apples of cheeks. Circles that become more apparent on smiling should be applied with good quantities of blush and it should be faded along the cheekbones afterwards.

Since lips of a woman are one of most attractive parts, these must be applied with a tinted lip gloss. Color of lip gloss depends upon the color of skin. For example, fair skinned women must apply a light pink or berry toned gloss. Women having bronze or yellow undertone of skin must go for bronzed-pink gloss.

Women with medium complexion should apply deep bronze-red lip gloss while women having dark skin should apply dark berry lip gloss. If desired color of tinted lip gloss is available in market, it is good. If not, it can be prepared by mixing an old lipstick, which is darker than the color required, with clear lip gloss. This mixture is smeared gently on lips with finger.

For keeping the makeup set on face for longer durations, loose powder can be brushed over the face after all makeup has been applied. Doing this also provide perfect matte finish to the makeup. Hairs should be styled perfectly as per shape and type of face. Hair styles that are commonly liked at dinner parties are Chignon, Plaity Bun, French Twist and Twisty Bun.

Chignon is a hair style in which hairs of front half of head are combed and scooped at the back part of neck. This hairstyle is basically a low ponytail. Hair roll is secured with the help of hair pins. Loose hairs on the sides of head are combed and curved back to the ponytail. These are then swirled over the loop and secured with pins. Plaity Bun and Twisty Bun hair styles are also formed by rolling the hairs. In French Twist, all the hairs are combed back and smoothed across the center.

These are secured by using hair pins. Hairs in front part of head are combed up slightly and are merged with the top part of pleats made. For holding hairs in their place, hairspray is misted. As far as dress for the dinner is concerned, it depends upon the type of dinner. For example, if dress is to be worn for a formal dinner, it should be formal. If dinner to be attended is casual, trendy dresses can be worn.

Black color is one of most desired colors for dresses to be worn at dinners, especially when dinner is to be preceded by a cocktail. Many women like to wear long formal dress along with matching handbag and shoes for attending formal dinners. Formal evening pants also look great at dinner. However, these must not be denims in any manner. Evening pants are usually worn with jacket or camisole. If dinner is casual one, denims with loose tops can be worn.