How to Get a Clean and Clear Skin

Clean and clear skin is every girl’s dream but today’s hectic life style that includes long working hours, staying out in the sun, exposure to dust and pollution, lack of sleep, improper diet, inadequate skin care etc. makes it really tough to get a radiant skin which is full of life and indeed we all are sick of carrying that lifeless skin along with us wherever we go.

When we talk about skin, it does not only mean the face skin, but it actually includes the whole body skin texture. So, if you also possess the same problem then you must read on for some real effective ways.

To get a lustrous skin and a radiant complexion that has no flaws, you must make it a point that you drink a lot of water every day. Ten to twelve glasses of water must be consumed regularly. If you feel a problem drinking much water initially then in the starting you can replace some other liquids like lemonade, fresh fruit juice etc to make up the loss, but you must switch back to water after some time as the benefits of water for skin can not be replaced by any other thing.

Your whole body will stay hydrated and within fifteen weeks you can find the glow on your skin. A good night cream is a need for every skin type. Usually what people think is that creams if applied at night can cause acne and pimples but the truth is that a night cream can help you much more than a day cream. But you must choose the right type of night cream for your skin. Fr e.g. – if you have oily skin then go for a non-oily cream.

A regular application of a good sunscreen is a must need for your skin. Whenever you step out in the sun, you shall apply sun block lotion half and hour before. It will protect your skin from harmful UV rays. An hour in the direct sunlight can take away all your efforts to improve your skin of eight weeks back. Go for cleansing and skin exfoliation twice a month so that the pores open up and your skin can breathe.