How To Fix Hair With Dual Strand Headband

How to Fix Hair with Dual Strand Headband

How to Fix Hair with Dual Strand Headband Headband is a hair accessory that is used for keeping the hairs out of face without disturbing the hairstyle. Headbands are of many types and dual strand headband is one of them. Thin dual strand headbands have successfully replaced classic wide headbands, which are not liked by women any more.

Dual strand headbands are generally made of plastic or elastic materials and are offered in many styles. Due to different styles of dual strand headbands, women can easily create different types of hair styles that not only increase beauty of hairs but also emphasize their volume and bangs. These headbands are considered as unique as two strands accentuate the hairdo.

How to Fix Hair with Dual Strand Headband

Fixing hairs with dual strand headband is easy. These headbands may be worn past the hairline so as to provide looks like ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Dual strand headbands can also be used around the head so as to create a Bohemian style. For fixing hairs with this headband, a woman also requires bobby pins.

In some hairstyles, hairspray is also needed. Before using headband, hairs are brushed or combed gently for removing all types of knots and tangles. Once these have been removed, dual strand headband is placed an inch away from the beginning of hair line and is moved backwards through the hairs.

If a woman is using a plastic headband, she can just slide the band through the hairs. However, if she is using an elastic dual strand headband, it is necessary that it is first stretched with hands and then fitted around the head. Plastic headbands are easy to use as compared to elastic headbands but latter keep the hairs in place better.

Once headband has been worn, hairs behind the headband are combed and brushed. If needed, additional volume of hairs can be created at the crown by using a fine-tooth comb. Hairs that are located behind the headband can easily be put into a bun or a ponytail.

If a woman wishes, she can also let these hairs loose. However, if a woman wishes to show her bangs, she has to arrange them using a comb. This is done by making a gentle downward motion through the hairs so that bangs lying under the headband are removed. These can be arranged on either side of forehead.

Some women also make their hairline smooth by using a brush before using headband. For this purpose, gel may also be used. If texture of hairs is rough, gel should be used, as it makes hairs appear soft. However, if a woman wishes to flaunt her bangs in front of headband, hairline must not be smoothed with gel.

For flaunting bangs, headband is always placed behind the bang. If elastic dual strand headband used is circular in shape, it is pulled completely over the head and face for wearing. Woman having soft and delicate hairs should choose delicate dual strand headbands that are made of pearl or lace for making formal hairstyles. Generally, headbands with teeth are avoided, as these disturb the hair style. For getting a Bohemian look, wraparound headbands are generally used.