How to Fix a Bad Hair Cut and Look Stylish

Every woman has suffered with a bad hair cut or a hair job that she hasn’t been satisfied with. If you look into the mirror and you cringe at the sight of your new style then sulking about it is only going to make it worse.

You need to take things into your hands and turn the ugly style or cut into something that you are proud of showing off. On the positive side your hair will grow out soon so you will only have to hide the bad cut for a few days. Also, there are plenty of accessories and styles that you can get in on to transform the bad hair cut and make your hair work for you.

Don’t try covering up your hair if you have had a bad cut; it makes it very obvious and people around you will tend to get curious. This is especially true if you are not the kind of person who covers her hair too often.

On the other hand if you do cover your hair occasionally then there are plenty of options for you to choose from. A hat for a formal occasion and a cap for a casual event is a great accessory to have to cover your hair that you are not very proud of showing off.

You can also invest in a few scarves that you can drape around your hair to hide a cut that doesn’t flatter your facial features.

You can get creative with your look and try styling it in different ways. A ponytail or a braid will help to save you a lot of embarrassment. You can use a curling iron or a flat iron on your hair to make your hair look better.

If you hair has been cut shorter that you like then you can always wear extension in your hair. Look out for temporary extensions that you can clip into your hair. This will help you to style your hair differently everyday; it’s a great way to style your hair too.

Products like volumizing gel, hair spray and conditioners and relaxers help to make your hair come alive. Accessories like clips, barrettes, bobby pins and hair bands also help to keep the hair set in place.

If your stylist has cut your bangs too short then you can add gel to increase the volume of the bangs or you could pin the bangs at the back and have a clear forehead.