How to Find Jeans That Look Flattering

There are different jeans that suit different body shapes. The key to finding the right pair of jeans it to identify those that suit your body shape. Here are a few tips to help you out.

If you are short:

If you are not very tall then avoid wearing jeans that are low waist or those that are wide at the bottom. This makes you look shorter and stumpy. Your jeans need to have a natural waist; not too high and not too low. Avoid wearing cropped style jeans as they draw attention to your short frame.

Wear jeans that are a bit longer as they add a few inches to your natural look. Wear jeans with a pair of heels. Even if you wear skinny jeans wear them longer and with a pair of heel shoes. Dark colors will elongate your look by a few inches.

If you are bottom heavy:

If you are shaped like Beyonce or JLo you are the envy of most women who lay their eyes on your. However if you do not wear the right style you will end up looking horrid. You need to wear jeans with a slight flare at the bottom.

Avoid jeans that are high waist and skinny jeans are out of the picture completely. Wear a pair that is a bit low rise or a boot cut. Don’t wear jeans that have small pockets or any designs on the back as they draw attention to your bottom.

For a boyish figure:

If you sport a boyish figure then you need to look out for jeans that are low rise, fitted and straight fit. Avoid flare cuts as they are for those with curves. Wear your jeans with shirts that you can tuck in and wear skinny jeans as they can be very flattering.

If you are curvy

Curves need to be shown off but don’t bare it all. Wear styles that are straight with a bit of a flare. Don’t forget to tailor the waist if you need to. Wear darker colors as they will make you look slimmer, avoid those styles with embroidery and details in the pockets or hips and if you are wearing a tight look then opt for one size larger than your original style.