How To Find Clothes That Flatter your Skin Tone

Most women tend to choose clothes in basic colors and in most cases these clothes do not suit them. The main reason for this is because they do not make smart decisions when they are choosing their colors.

There are 2 main factors to take into consideration when you are choosing the colors of your clothes; your skin tone and the season.

Both these factors can be co related. If you are unsure how to choose your colors then here are a few tips to help you out. Ideally there are four skin tones that can be related to the seasons of the year.

Winter skin tones are those that are yellowish olive, pale white or dark skin tones. Brunettes with dark eyes, Asian women and African women are normally in this category. This skin tones looks best in sharp clear colors. White, black, bright pink and navy blue and shocking red look perfect on this skin tone. Pastels look flattering on this skin type. Stay clear of orange, beige and gold if you are a winter skin tone.

Blondes fall in the summer skin tone category. They are the ones with light eyes. Colors that suit this skin type include lavender, plum, brown, grey and shades of red. This skin tone must stay clear of black and orange as the colors look too bright and unappealing in this skin type.

Red heads with brown eyes fall in the autumn skin tone category. These women look stunning when they wear clothes in gold, brown, black, orange, beige and olive green. Colors that do not suit this skin type include shades of blue and navy.

Those with creamy white skin, red heads with freckled skin are known as spring skin tones. These women have blue or green eyes. These women look absolutely amazing in any shades of green, camel, tan or brown. Golden tones and yellow are also good colors to choose. Avoid wearing colors that are dark or too dull as they do not flatter your skin tone.

Hope these tips help you to understand your skin tone and wear colors that make you stand out rather than investing in expensive clothes that look great in the store but do nothing for you when you wear them. Go ahead and explore with your skin and shades that make you look outstanding.