How To Find A Good Hair Stylist

hair-cut-salon Finding a hair stylist who is good at work and listens to your requirements with patience is nothing short of an ordeal. Most of the times, the hair stylists will impose on you what they think will suit you the best. They are not at all inclined to lend an ear to what kind of look you want to have or any specifications that you would like to incorporate while having your hair trimmed or cut.

I have visited numerous hair stylists, paid them big bucks but either had a terrible cut or had to bear color or perm disasters. Most of these hair stylists whom I visited had an idea of how I was supposed to look. However, they didn’t really pay attention to what I said. As I was getting fed up with such haircut sessions, I finally found my reliable hair stylist at Supercuts. This woman was a thorough professional with scissors, waxing and style. I didn’t have such a wonderful treatment for a long time. I felt comfortable and confident to get my appointment with this hair stylist and wait for her.

Though her appearance made me think that she was better suited for long hair and bangs, I learned that looks could be deceptive. When I walked into her salon and showed her a picture to explain what I wanted my hair to look like, she cut it to the perfect standards. I was set back by about $18 bucks. I also gave the stylist a tip of $10. However, with steep haircuts that can cost up to $120 each, the price I paid was nothing short of a steal.

I have visited different color stylists for coloring my hair but the experience taught me to do the coloring myself to have the desired effects. In brief, I would suggest to find your hair stylist at unexpected places and not to get influenced by looks. However, color your hair on your own.