How to Fill in Sparse Brows with Makeup

If you are born with sparse eyebrows or a victim of threading or waxing gone wrong, don’t worry, here are few tips to fill them up. All you need is a pencil, powder and angled or a mascara brush.

Brush your eyebrows: Brush your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush or an eye lash brush. Make sure that the hair face in the same direction. Brush out from the inner corner of the eyes towards the direction of the ears. You can use a slanted eyebrow brush which is well suited for the brows. This will prepare your eyebrows for the further work on them.

Pencil and powder: These two stick to the skin well. Choose a soft pencil which is not very waxy. The shade of the pencil should be one shade lighter than your eye brow color. If your eye brow is of a lighter shade, then select a darker shade eye pencil. Now select the powder which matches the color of the eye brow. An eyebrow pencil will help you define the eyebrows.

Outline the brow: Now with the eyebrow pencil, draw outlines under each of your eyebrows. The pencil outline should start from the inner bottom of the brow and move outwards. There should be no gap between the eyebrow and the pencil line. Don’t draw thick lines as it will make you look tacky.

Fill in: Fill the sparse areas of the eyebrow with the eyebrow pencil. Again don’t draw thick lines, instead apply using light strokes so that they appear like natural hair. This should be done again in the direction of the hair growth i.e. from the inner corner of the eye towards the outside.

Set it well: Use an eyebrow gel to set your eyebrows in shape. You can also use clear mascara instead of eyebrow gel. You get tinted brow gels which polish the look of the eyebrow and also give it a good shape. Just brush the gel into the eyebrow and give it a proper shape.

All the above process should be carried out in a place that is brightly lit. This will help in drawing finer and smoother lines, and in making the right strokes.

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Sidharth Thakur