How to Fake a Sun Tan

Come summer, and that golden bronzed look takes the top slot on our wish-list. The summer months seem to be perfect for lying down under the sun and getting that perfect tan.

But along comes the unavoidable risk of the UV rays exposure, which is not only known to do a permanent damage to your skin, but which can also accelerate skin aging and the chances of developing serious skin disorders like skin cancer.

A smart way out is to opt for fake tanning techniques which are as good as a real sun tan sans the health hazards. There are a number of options to choose from:

Spray tan booths: these are one of the popular methods of getting a tan. One just needs to get into a small cubicle, where tanning color is sprayed on them from all directions.

After they come out, extra tan spray is removed. This method of fake sun tanning is quick and easy, besides being one of the cheapest. And the best part of this fake tanning method is that your whole body gets an even tan, unlike most other procedures where patching and blotching are common.

Airbrush tanning: if you have the money to spare, then airbrush tanning is probably the best option for you. Several beauty salons provide this service, and they give you a flawless tanned look using small spray guns.

As against, spray booths, this method can be used to tan smaller areas, say if you want a little tan on just your arms or legs airbrush tanning is a better option for you.

Tanning beds: tanning beds are also a common option to get a fake tan. It is better to use tanning beds for short sessions, using less light, in order to get that bronze natural tanned look, as overexposure can lead to skin problems.

Tanning lotions: this is probably the best way of getting a self tan as it is affordable, while it still does a good job of giving you a natural tanned look. Add to that the convenience of doing it at your home in your free time, and you might just love this option more than others.

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Sidharth Thakur