How To Exercise When Pregnant

pregnancy excercise

pregnancy excercise During pregnancy you often get many suggestions from the doctors, the elderly people and also from friends and relatives to take care of your baby and of course of your own health. The people who surround us become more cautious during our pregnancy and refer many healthy things to do such as eating healthy fruit,drinking plenty of water, not lifting any heavy object and many more.

But few of us know that during pregnancy exercises help a lot to stay healthy. There are certain methods to follow while exercising during pregnancy. Proper and daily exercise is proved to be beneficial for the pregnant woman whereas the improper method can make your pregnancy complicated. So, don’t start exercising in hurry! First know the proper procedure to exercise which will keep you healthy during pregnancy.

Exercises That One Should Do During Pregnancy

To have a healthy pregnancy you can choose low intensity including – yoga, walking and swimming to keep your body fit. It also helps reducing the pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, vomiting and so on.

Exercises Which One Needs To Avoid

Exercises which can put pressure on you and your baby must be avoided. The high intensity sports including running, cycling, aerobics, football, wrestling, racket sports, rock climbing, horse back riding,skiing, climbing  are not at all allowed during pregnancy. During 1st trimester one needs to avoid any activity which involves back to avoid  compression of the artery which can harm the normal flow of blood. When the 3rd trimester is approaching the pregnant lady should stay away from jerking and jumping.  The exercises which involve sudden change of the movements must be avoided. It lays stress on the joints and muscles.

Check Safety

After selecting the proper exercise during pregnancy you should make sure that the method you have chosen is safe.  Remember, you need to change your exercises which go well with the three trimesters individually. If you feel any exhaustion like panting and sweating then immediately stop exercising.

Follow The Tips to Stay Safe and Healthy

Go Slow

Even if you were related with sports before pregnancy,don’t start exercising in impulse.

Exercise When Pregnant

Start with 5 – 10 minutes. If it is fine with you then you can stretch it till 30 minutes in a day.

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Try to Keep Cool

While exercising, one thing you should keep in mind that the environment must be favourable. Too much of heat can harm your pregnancy. Wear loose,cotton cloths to stay cool.

Allow Your Body to Be Hydrated

Before exercising one needs to drink a plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Constant monitoring:- While exercising your pulse beat remain under 140.

How To Exercise When Pregnant

Don’t exercise to much which can increase your pulse beat to an alarming level.

Time to Stop Exercise During Pregnancy

If you experience vertigo, chest pain, headache, vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain, contractions that stays more than thirty minutes or swelling in the face, feet or hand then immediately stop exercising.

Who Can’t Exercise During Pregnancy

Some of the pregnant ladies can’t exercise due to certain complicacy in pregnancy. Those who have placenta previa, hypertension, preterm labor, heart or lung disease can’t opt for exercises. A would be mother who is carrying more than one fetus is not also allowed to perform exercises. Once again, keep in mind, during pregnancy go for light exercises which will instill energy in you and keep both the baby and the mother fit during pregnancy. It would be better if you suggest a doctor before performing any high intensity exercises.